Research Resources

Research Checklists

Family Medicine Research Checklist(2 page PDF) -- For use by anyone conducting historical research on the history of Family Medicine or any of the Family Medicine organizations.

Family Physician Biographical Research Checklist(2 page PDF) -- For use by anyone conducting biographical or genealogical research on general practitioners or family physicians.

Research Presentations

The History of Family Medicine(31 page PDF) -- Download the history presentation of Steven Dennis, MD

The History of Family Medicine and Its Impact in US Health Care Delivery(31 page PDF) -- Download the research paper of Cecilia Gutierrez, MD and Peter Scheid, MD

History of Family Medicine Timeline(1 page PDF) -- Download the timeline of Family Medicine created by Cecilia Gutierrez, MD and Peter Scheid, MD

The People's Medicine Comes to Massachusetts: The Family Medicine Residency at UMass Medical School, 1974-1986( -- View a web-based historical exhibit that describes the background and significance for health care in Massachusetts of the founding of the state's first Family Medicine residency in 1974. Written by Ellen More, PhD with research assistance from Heather-Lyn Haley, PhD and web design and management by Robert Vander Hart (with assistance from Julia Powell).

Why the Generalist Became a Specialist: A History of General Practice and Family Medicine(13 page PDF) -- Download part one (of three) research papers reviewing the history of the specialty by noted Family Medicine leader Nikitas J. Zervanos, MD.

Selected Bibliography

The following bibliography represents a broad basic selection of reference materials for the researcher in the subject areas of the history of general practice, Family Medicine and medicine in general.

Books(17 page PDF) -- Includes published books and monographs.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias(3 page PDF) -- Includes reference works.

Indexes(1 page PDF) -- Indexes to medical and scientific literature.

Journals and Journal Articles(18 page PDF) -- Key journals in Family Medicine and articles about Family Medicine history.

Oral Histories -- Published oral histories from the "Voices from Family Medicine" series.

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