Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

2016 AAFP Events

Apr 15

Aug 19

Working Party Milwaukee, WI

Nov 18

Board of Trustees Meeting Leawood, KS

Nov 18

Center for the History of Family Medicine Board of Curators Meeting Leawood, KS

Dec 9

James G. Jones, MD, Student Scholarship Program Applications Due

2017 AAFP Events

Jan 12

Working Party Hollywood Beach, FL

Jan 16

Corporate Roundtable Hollywood Beach, FL

Feb 18

Family Medicine Cares International Delegation Trip to Haiti Haiti

Mar 24

Program Directors Workshop and Residency Program Solutions Residency Education Symposium Kansas City, MO

Apr 27

Annual Chapter Leader Forum Kansas City, MO

Apr 28

Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium Meeting

May 19

Board of Trustees Meeting Leawood, KS

May 22

Family Medicine Congressional Conference Washington, DC

Jul 27

National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students Kansas City, MO

Jul 29

Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute Leawood, KS

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