2015 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

About the Service Project

The 2015 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award, announced on April 17, 2015, was awarded to Christina Miller, MD, and Stewart Wilkey, DO, residents at the Loma Linda Family and Preventive Medicine Residency (LLFPMR), for their "Lifestyle is Medicine" service project.

The Lifestyle is Medicine service project includes the development of resident training tools, regular scheduling of residents in the Cornerstone Community Health Free Clinic for the purpose of Lifestyle Visits, and use of devices that monitor objective outcomes so patients can take charge of their health and track their own goals.

Initial Outcomes

The project is off to a strong start. In August, Dr. Miller reported, "We are now ready to implement our program. We finished our pilots, finalized forms and protocols, received all devices and supplies, and started scheduling residents." Although it is early in the project, Dr. Miller has been able to identify a positive response. "Patients have a lot of interest in our program and we are already seeing transformations in our pilot patients."

Service Project Partners

Through these partnerships, the unmet lifestyle needs of Cornerstone Community Health Free Clinic patients will be addressed while simultaneously improving resident training.

  • The Cornerstone Community Health Free Clinic, incorporated and administered by family medicine residents, opened its doors in January 2014. The clinic was a 2014 Family Medicine Cares USA grant recipient.
  • The Loma Linda Family and Preventive Medicine Residency (LLFPRM) provides at least six months of smoking cessation, weight loss training, and motivational interviewing to their students. The LLFPMR faculty has agreed to schedule residents weekly in the free clinic, and filled the position of Resident Lifestyle Champion, a unique leadership role which will be appointed annually to ensure sustainability of the residency’s commitment to lifestyle medicine.
  • Both the classic Family Medicine Residency Program and the Preventive Medicine Residency Program of Loma Linda have agreed to help facilitate and support this project.

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