Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute: 2015 Scholars and Project Awards

Medical Students

  • Emily Barker - Wisconsin
  • Clay Cooper - Pennsylvania
  • Stephanie Fontin - Florida
  • Valerie Good - Pennsylvania
  • Audrey (Johnson) Gray - Arizona
  • Kumba Hinds, MPH - Conneticut
  • Michael Lovelace, MBA - Kentucky
  • Tequilla Manning - Kansas
  • Elizabeth McIntosh - New York 
  • Bijan Mossadeghi, MS - Arizona
  • Christina Pindar - New Jersey
  • Alexandra Tee - Virginia
  • Chris Tookey - Illinois
  • Jalia Tucker, MPH, MS - Illinois
  • Brittany Watson - South Carolina

Family Medicine Residents

  • John Bernot, MD - North Carolina
  • Melissa Campos, MD - California
  • Catherine Coe, MD - North Carolina
  • Amanda Cooper, DO - Deleware
  • Stewart Decker, MD - Oregon
  • Karl Dietrich, MD, MPH - Rhode Island
  • Timothy Friedman, DO, MS - Michigan
  • Natalie Gentile, MD - Minnesota
  • Josue Gutierrez, MD - Nebraska
  • Courtney Hudson, DO, MBA - Pennsylvania
  • Christina Kinnevey, MD - California
  • Adam Kowalski, MD - Texas
  • Kelsey Lewis, MD - Arizona
  • Whitney Rowe, MD - Kansas
  • Gabriel Suarez, MD, MBA - Florida

Scholar Tracks and Projects

* Top 2 Residents and 2 Student Projects
** Best Project Award recipient from each track

Track 1: Policy and Public Health Leadership

ScholarProject Title
Scholar: Melissa Campos, MD**Project Title: Public Health Advocacy in High School Students from Disadvantaged Communities
Scholar: Catherine Coe, MD*Project Title: Increasing Undergraduate Students’ Exposure to Family Medicine
Scholar: Stewart Decker, MDProject Title: Determining the effect on feelings of personal and community well-being of cycling related interventions in a small rural town.
Scholar: Karl Dietrich, MD, MPHProject Title: Improving Treatment Services for Opiate Addiction
Scholar: Valerie GoodProject Title: Medical Student Education with HITS Model & Impact on the Rates of Domestic Violence Screening
Scholar: Josue Gutierrez, MDProject Title: Patient and practice barriers for colonoscopy screening
Scholar: Kumba Hinds, MPH*Project Title: PCP Adherence to Specialist Recommendations Made Through Electronic Consultations/Clinical Outcomes for Patients Whose Treatment is Guided by Electronic Consultations 
Scholar: Elizabeth McIntosh*Project Title: Requiring a Family Medicine Rotation for New York State Medical Licensure
Scholar: Christina PindarProject Title: Anorexic behavior and peer influence in 8-15 year old males and females
Scholar: Jalia Tucker, MPH, MSProject Title: Develop behavioral health screening to integrate into primary care practice within the setting of the back to school health physical

Track 2: Personal and Practice Leadership

ScholarProject Title
Scholar: John Bernot, MD*Project Title: Technology Driven Diabetes Management
Scholar: Amanda Cooper, DO*Project Title: Got Skills? Value through leadership training
Scholar: Timothy Friedman, DO, MSProject Title: Initiation of a Vasectomy Clinic in a Family Medicine Residency, with Associated Logistic Requirements and Financial Implications
Scholar: Audrey GrayProject Title: Identifying “No-Show” Trends in FQHC’s 
Scholar: Kelsey Lewis, MDProject Title: Implementing Chronic Disease Management in a Residency Training Program
Scholar: Michael Lovelace, MBA**Project Title: A guide to making decisions and managing personal finances for the financial novice medical professional
Scholar: Tequilla ManningProject Title: The Transgender Institute: Creating a Safe Space for Growth and Development
Scholar: Gabriel Suarez, MD, MBAProject Title: The NEAT Questionnaire: A lifestyle modification tool for weight loss 
Scholar: Alexandria Tee*Project Title: The Role of Student Hotspotting Team in Primary Care Practice
Scholar: Chris TookeyProject Title: Research and Development of a more specific Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening Form for use in primary care offices 

Track 3: Philanthropic and Mission-Driven Leadership

ScholarProject Title
Scholar: Emily Barker*Project Title: Community Awareness of Free Gynecologic Services for Uninsured Women in Madison: Initial Assessment and Recommendations for Future Directions
Scholar: Clay CooperProject Title: Assessing Patient Interest in Health Education at a Newly Established Student-Run Free Clinic 
Scholar: Stephanie FontinProject Title: Assessing attitudes, priorities, and motivations of weight management in culturally diverse underserved populations.
Scholar: Natalie Gentile, MD*Project Title: Promoting Philanthropic Leadership among Family Medicine Residents through the Quadruple Aim: The Role of Wellness and Self-compassion on Civic Action
Scholar: Courtney Hudson, DO, MBAProject Title: Family Medicine and the LGBT Community: Are we truly prepared to address the health care disparity or are we just treating this like another hot topic?
Scholar: Christina Kinnevey, MD**Project Title: Increasing Prenatal Care in Rural Uganda in Collaboration with a Nonprofit Organization Seeking to Increase Access to Ultrasound Imaging Technology 
Scholar: Adam Kowalski, MDProject Title: Needs Assessment for an Army Installation Regarding Improving Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Scholar: Bijan Mossadeghi, MS*Project Title: Improved Quality of Life and Access to Healthcare for the Homeless Through Community Gardening
Scholar: Whitney Rowe, MDProject Title: Improving Family Medicine resident physician awareness of community resources for children with special needs
Scholar: Brittany WatsonProject Title: Invest for Success: expose children and adolescents who live in underserved communities to healthy lifestyle choices and educational opportunities that lead to STEM careers, particularly medicine

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