Outcomes: Family Medicine Leads

Program Overview

The Family Medicine Leads program consists of two components:

  • The provision of scholarships to attend the AAFP National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Students (NC), and
  • The Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute, a year-long leadership development program.

Program Goals

  • To meet the Signature Program Criteria and Signature Program Definition
  • To stimulate interest and commitment to the specialty of Family Medicine
  • To support development of future leaders in Family Medicine

Program Outcomes

Family Medicine Leads Scholarships

In 2015, the AAFP Foundation provided 220 Family Medicine Leads Scholarships for National Conference, thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Findings from the National Conference Evaluation show that, although attendees reported high levels of commitment (75.6%) to the specialty of Family Medicine before attending the conference, commitment rose even higher to 87.0% after attending the conference—a significant increase of more than 11 percent.

Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute

The inaugural class of residents and students had high praise for the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute:

  • 93.3% of attendees reported the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute was an excellent preparation for future leadership
  • 100.0% of attendees strongly agreed that the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute had positive benefits for them personally
  • 93.3% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that after attending the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute they had a better understanding of leadership

Detailed Program Information

To learn more about this program, including eligibility requirements and application information, please visit the program pages.

Get program details for National Conference Scholarships.

Get program details for the Emerging Leader Institute.

I wanted to personally thank the AAFP Foundation for my Family Medicine Leads Scholarship this year. I’ve known that I wanted to go to [National Conference] since my friend told me how amazing it was a year ago. I saved my personal days, submitted my research poster, and talked with several sources to be able to help fund my trip to Kansas City and afford the registration cost to be able to go. Things were looking less than optimistic. However, I was thrilled to be selected as a recipient and am entirely grateful to the AAFP Foundation, and to those who made the 2015 National Conference one of the most amazing times in my life. All of your efforts fully solidified my choice of specialty for Family Medicine and gave me the opportunity to see the depth of how Family Medicine is going to shape our future.” - Dan M. Nguyen, 2016 MD candidate, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Having graduated from medical school now over 40 years ago, it is frustrating for me to still hear students being discouraged from going into family medicine, the best and most patient-focused specialty. But one of the great constants in my career has been the AAFP Foundation, always there to support student interest groups and student scholarships to the National Conference. Students return from the annual meeting charged up and recognizing that it is not only ok, but great to be a family doctor. I'm happy to support students to get this exposure and to charge their batteries there. I've enjoyed interacting with students the past two years who have received scholarships as a result of our gift. - Dr. J. and Diane Fogarty

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