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The AAFP Foundation's awards and grants programs support and recognize individuals and groups who are making an impact in Family Medicine and improving the health of all people through humanitarian, educational and scientific projects.

This section will provide you with information on available grants and awards for which you or your organization may apply. Whether you are a residency program, resident or student, AAFP Chapter or Chapter Foundation, or individual family physician, we look forward to helping you make a difference!

Texas AFP Residency Fair

Participants in the Texas Residency Fair, one of many projects supported by the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium Grant Awards Program.

Residents & Students -- Learn more about the programs, awards and grants that are available for residents or medical students.
Individuals -- The Foundation offers specific awards and grants that are available to individuals.
Chapters -- This section outlines the application process regarding awards and grants for AAFP Constituent Chapters and Chapter foundations.
Residency Programs -- Find out more about what the Foundation specifically offers those involved in residency programs.
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Jeffrey J. Cain, MD, FAAFP

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