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Resident Research Grants

First- and/or second-year Family Medicine residents who are members of the AAFP are eligible to submit a proposal to the AAFP Foundation Research Committee for funding consideration. Up to five awards may be funded each year. 

Program components of the Resident Research Grants include:

  • Up to $2,000 to support a short-term research project (6-months to 1-year in duration) that is submitted by first- or second-year Family Medicine residents.
  • Opportunity to present findings at the annual AAFP National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students, including a travel scholarship to reimburse expenses to attend.
  • One Best Paper Award is presented to the RRG presenter whose proposal and final report show exemplary execution.


Seema Kengeri Srikantiah, MBBS, MPH. IU Methodist Family Medicine Residency Program. A Retrospective Cohort Study Assessing the Billing and Coding Pattern of Resident Physicians Longitudinally as They Advance in Training (1-page PDF file)

Laura Heinrich, MD, University of Michigan. Correlates of Labor & Delivery Satisfaction: Evaluating Provider Continuity (1-page PDF file)

Melissa Marotta Houser, MD, Middlesex Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program. Pilot Study of Web-Based Biofeedback with Exercise Heart Monitor Rate for Anxiety in a Primary Care Setting (1-page PDF file)

Lydia U. Lee, MD and Priyanka S. Kalapurayil, MD, University of Michigan. Evaluation of Intimate Partner Violence Training with Theater Performance in Medical Education (1-page PDF file)

Adam Visconti, MD, MPH, Georgetown Univesity - Providence Hospital Family Medicine Residency. Naloxone Dispensing to Avert Opiate Overdose Among Primary Care Clinic Patients in Suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia (1-page PDF file)

Resident Research Grant Fact Sheet

Provides information on submission deadlines, what we fund, eligibility, the review process, etc.

How to Apply for a Resident Research Grant

Important Note: It is required that resident researchers seek guidance from a local mentor with experience in Family Medicine research for the development of the protocol and assistance during the project. The mentor will be required to sign the proposal along with the applicant.

Resident Research Grants applications are accepted once per year. The deadline to apply is:

  • March 15

If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday the application is due on the following work day.

Guiding Principles for AAFP Foundation Research Grants (1-page PDF file) -- These principles are used to focus the deliberation of the proposals and the determination of the grants. 

Instructions: Resident Research Grants (5-page Word file) -- Detailed instructions for completing the Resident Research Grant application form.

Application: Resident Research Grants (3-page Word file) -- Required application form which must be completed and submitted by March 15th deadline.

Prior Resident Research Grant Abstracts

Make sure to check out the Resident Research Grant abstracts.


For more information contact Sharon Hunt at (800) 274-2237, ext. 4474.
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