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William Ventres

June 2014

The Center for the History of Family Medicine (CHFM) recently announced the winner of the 2014 CHFM Fellowship in the History of Family Medicine: William B. Ventres, MD, MA, of San Salvador, El Salvador. His winning project is titled "Voices Redux - Bringing Back the History of Family Medicine."

Dr. Ventres is a practicing family physician with the Multnomah County Health Department in Portland, Oregon, who currently serves as a Research Associate at the Institute for Studies in History, Anthropology, and Archeology at the University of El Salvador in San Salvador. He holds a BA degree in History from Duke University, and an MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis, with additional Master's degrees in Medical Anthropology from the University of Arizona and in Psychology/Systems Counseling from the Graduate College of Saybrook University in Seatlle, Washington.

Dr. Ventres' fellowship project involves revisiting and expanding on an earlier oral history project called "Voices from Family Medicine." Conducted in the early 1990s, this project involved intervewing founders of Family Medicine. For his fellowship project, Dr. Ventres proposes adding visual context, producing a video-documentary about the founding of Family Medicine, and writing a companion essay to the documentary. This project focuses on the early efforts to establish the first official Family Medicine residencies and will be tied into the fiftieth anniversary of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) in 2017. Dr. Ventres plans to conduct his research in the CHFM in early 2015.

On receiving the news that he had been awarded the fellowship, Dr. Ventres said, "I am very appreciative to the CHFM for this opportunity. Twenty-five years ago, right after residency, I had a chance to hear the stories of many of the founders of Family Medicine. Now it is time to listen again to these stories and share them with new generations of family physicians."

For more information about the CHFM Fellowship in the History of Family Medicine, visit the Center's website.

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