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Peers for Progress accelerates and promotes best practices in peer support as a regular part of health care and prevention around the world.

Peers for Progress

Please visit www.peersforprogress.org and see the new look and important new utilities available. This will enable us to be much more nimble in promoting peer support and serving the field through the site and related social networking.

The site represents much of the aggregate of work we have done in bringing together resources for the thousands of peer support programs around the world that are eager to enhance their quality and services. Notably, we have new sections under Tools & Training dedicated to Spanish materials, Chinese materials and also primary care resources.

Published in Health Affairs were findings from four projects– in Cameroon, South Africa, Uganda and Thailand– detailing the impact of peer support programs in helping people manage diabetes and avoid disease associated disabilities. The Peers for Progress site contains a great storehouse of these resources. Please visit and share resources and feedback.

Peers for Progress Project Launched at Alivio Medical Center

The demonstration project administered through the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation and its Peers for Progress program officially launched August 1, 2012 with collaborating partners Alivio Medical Center (the demonstration site in Chicago, Illinois), TransforMED and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). This groundbreaking collaboration brings together the efforts of peer support and primary care within a patient-centered medical home, a new model of health care service delivery. The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation provided generous funding as part of its Together on Diabetes program to reduce disparities in diabetes across the United States.

Mi Salud Es Primero, My Health Comes First, is a peer support program integrated with primary care that focuses on patients with type 2 diabetes. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications such as kidney disease, blindness and heart disease among Alivio’s nearly 4,000 patients with diabetes. Mi Salud Es Primero, My Health Comes First, will reach this goal by offering patients a comprehensive approach that includes a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, clinical support staff, nutritionists and peer supporters (Compañeros en Salud) to follow them throughout every facet of their care.

The partners will collaborate on the development of protocols and training materials for peer and community support, as well as the dissemination of the materials within the targeted communities to address the ongoing management and prevention of diabetes.

Program Information

People sharing similar experiences have a great deal to offer each other.

Chronic diseases and many other conditions can encompass all aspects of people’s lives. Support from peers can offer ongoing emotional, social and practical assistance to help people continually stay healthy. Peer support complements and enhances other health care services.

Starting from addressing the growing global diabetes epidemic, Peers for Progress advances and promotes peer support programs by:
  • Extending the evidence base for peer support
  • Establishing peer support as a core component of diabetes care
  • Building a network of programs around the world

The Peers for Progress Global Network of Peer Support Organizations started with 14 Peers for Progress grant programs in nine countries on six continents. We have since expanded to over 40 network members in 18 countries and are continually growing.

Resources for Program Development

Peers for Progress has developed a Guide to Program Development and Management for Peer Support in Health and Health Care which can be found at Peers for Progress (16-page PDF file).

For detailed information, please visit the Peers for Progress.
Peers for Progress

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