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Family Medicine Cares

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Family Medicine Cares

Family Medicine Cares
was created by the AAFP Foundation to address the health care needs of underserved populations, both domestically and internationally. Family Medicine Cares USA and Family Medicine Cares International provide patient care, deliver education and training in Family Medicine, support free clinics, and work to improve the health and quality of life of men, women, and children in need. Both programs offer opportunities for physicians, residents, and medical students to volunteer or participate in humanitarian projects.

Family Medicine Cares USA

Family Medicine Cares USA was designed to help free clinics care for the uninsured in areas of need across the United States. Grants are provided to clinics for the purchase of tangible items– such as exam tables, EHR systems and medical equipment. In addition, Family Medicine Cares USA gives AAFP members, residents, and students the opportunity to volunteer their time and talent.

Family Medicine Cares International

Family Medicine Cares International provides patient care, delivers education and training in Family Medicine, and works to improve the health and quality of life of people in Haiti.

Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

The Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award provides the opportunity for first-or second-year Family Medicine Residents to fulfill a desire to address health disparities by tackling the health needs of the underserved in their local communities. Up to two Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Awards will be granted each year.
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