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Annual Delegation Trip

The annual Delegation trip is a one-week volunteer opportunity that includes both medical and non-medical individuals. The Delegation members focus on many efforts during their time in Haiti, and are therefore divided into specific teams to accomplish multiple projects. Some will focus on treating patients, others on delivering medical education and training, and others on facility improvements and connecting with the local children and youth.

Be Part of the Experience

The 2014 Delegation will take place February 15-22, 2014 to Haiti. This year the Delegation will be comprised of 17 family physicians of which three are residents. All of these physicians have opted to be part of the Delegation by treating patients on the Patient Care Team or educating colleagues on treatment options as part of the Medical Education Team.

In addition to the great work accomplished by these 17 physicians, there are four Delegates who will be working to improve the quality of life for Haitian children and youth.

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Consider being part of the Delegation in 2015! Application will be available in September.

Patient Care

Patient Care

The patient care program component allows licensed physicians and residents (under physician supervision) to attend to patients at community clinics in Haiti. A patient care team is selected within the delegation prior to arriving in Haiti.

Medical Education

The medical education program component provides resources and support for the development of family medicine in Haiti through relationships with the Ministry of Health in Haiti (MSPP) and other primary care organizations. In addition to the development of family medicine, this program component provides continuing medical education for family physicians and general practice physicians in Haiti, as well as family medicine curriculum and resources for medical schools and residency programs.

 A medical education team is selected in advance and will prepare for one or more of the following in-country activities: 

  • Develop and present a one-day symposium for Family Medicine residents, physicians, and medical students. The symposium will include an overview of Family Medicine and specific medical topics as identified by in-country medical partners (residency programs and medical schools).
  • Meet with the medical schools in Port-au-Prince to discuss future symposia, curriculum, and resource needs, plus a long-term role in supporting the development of Family Medicine in Haiti. 
  • Meet with area physician leadership to discuss opportunities and needs. 
  • Meet with the MSPP to discuss the advancement of Family Medicine in Haiti.

Children and Youth Projects


The children and youth program component seeks to improve the quality of life and the health of children in Haiti, as well as provide health and hope to Haiti’s youth.

It also allows non-medical delegation members to participate in meaningful volunteer efforts. We have focused our efforts in Haiti on children's schools and orphanages, as well as on the youth of the Bel Air community. 

  • Non-medical delegation members participate in projects to improve school or orphanage facilities. 
  • Volunteers deliver vitamins, essential supplies, and personal items for children in need.
  • Volunteers provide special activities for the children (parties, reading, playing soccer, etc.).
  • Delegates meet with recipients of Family Medicine Cares International vocational-technical training scholarships. This training allows Haitian youth in gang-controlled Bel Air to find good jobs and improve their community. Interested donors can also sponsor individual youth in gang-controlled Bel Air with scholarships for vocational training that will empower them to secure jobs and bring lasting hope and change to their community.

Public Health


The public health program component was established to provide Family Medicine Cares International the opportunity to respond to specific needs in Haiti that align with our larger mission and vision, and also fully engage our volunteers (both medical and non-medical) in work that delivers lasting outcomes in improving health and hope for the people of Haiti. 

  • Delegation service team members make improvements to the Bel Air Clinic and School facilities.
  • Annual delegates meet with community and clinic leaders to identify future needs and opportunities.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

The medical equipment and supplies program component provides important resources (medical devices, pharmaceutical products, vitamins, etc.) for community clinics and other entities related to Family Medicine Cares International.

  • Goods needed to support the clinics are distributed and utilized during the week of the trip. 
  • Companies have the opportunity to get involved through product support and participation.


For more information please contact the Family Medicine Cares International Team if you are interested in volunteering.

Make a Donation

If you would like to be part of this rewarding work in Haiti, but do not feel like you can commit the time to be part of the delegation, please consider making a donation. Please know that through your donation you are making a difference helping those in need, at home and around the world.

2013 Delegation

The inaugural Family Medicine Cares International Delegation spent the first week of February in Haiti. The 21-member Delegation split into three distinct teams focused on patient care, medical education, and service to children and youth. This was a very exciting opportunity for each member of the team and they continue to share just how rewarding the experience was for them.
Annual Delegation Trip

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