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Helping those in need at home

Launched in 2011, this humanitarian program helps to establish new, free clinics to care for the uninsured in areas of need across the United States. Grants are provided to new clinics for the purchase of tangible items needed to open their doors, such as exam tables, EHR systems, and medical equipment.

In 2014, the program expanded to include grants to existing free clinics. Family Medicine Cares USA also gives AAFP members, residents, and students the opportunity to volunteer their time and talents.

Family Medicine Cares USA is designed to bring us together to help address this overwhelming need and to bring visibility to the caring nature and importance of Family Medicine.

Apply for Family Medicine Cares USA Grants: New Clinics -- Helping establish new free clinics to care for the uninsured in areas of need.
Apply for Family Medicine Cares USA Grants: Existing Clinics -- Helping free clinics that are already in existence to care for the uninsured in areas of need.
Grant Award Recipients -- Find out detailed information on each clinic that has been awarded a Family Medicine Cares USA grant since the program's inception.
Why Free Clinics -- Even with the eventual roll-out of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there will always be an underserved population– men, women, and children who simply fall through the cracks.

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If you would like to be part of this rewarding work in the USA, but do not feel like you can commit the time to volunteer, please consider making a donation. Please know that through your donation you are making a difference by helping those in need.
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Supporting your Foundation means you believe in the power of family medicine and in the importance of helping others.

"Your support of the AAFP Foundation has a tremendous effect…the Foundation funds Academy programs such as Tar Wars that directly impact kids and the public health.”
Jeffrey J. Cain, MD, FAAFP

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