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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

The Advanced Life Support In Obstetrics (ALSO®) Fund provides clinicians in developing countries with techniques to handle emergencies that occur during pregnancy and delivery. This program provides the needed equipment and training to support maternity caregivers in their countries.

ALSO® is now administered in 60 countries around the world including Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Palestine, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Georgia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia, Tajikistan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina and Haiti. Additionally, Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO) and GLOBAL ALSO® curriculums are available for use in developing countries. These programs include information on topics not normally associated with pregnancy and delivery in developed countries, such as tuberculosis and malaria.

The ultimate goal of these training options is to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality through education. By donating to this program you are leaving a legacy of knowledge of maternity care for future generations all over the world.

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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

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Jeffrey J. Cain, MD, FAAFP

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