• Community matters. We are so grateful for our community of family physicians, fighting fiercely for their patients’ health and safety on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also inspired by the donors, volunteers and corporate partners who are calling the Foundation to help.

    Help is needed. Our family physicians and their practices are in crisis, even as they continue providing essential care and voicing community needs.

    The AAFP Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund will make resources available during and after this crisis to address pressing program and partner needs such as:

    • Provide emergency grants to Family Medicine Cares USA clinics that are struggling to serve their community
    • Enhance AAFP Telemedicine efforts that aid family physician private practices
    • Tackle challenges created or heightened by COVID-19

    Thank you for your generosity at this critical time for our country and world. Together, we can make a difference for family medicine.