History of FMX (formerly Scientific Assembly)

The American Academy of General Practice (later renamed the American Academy of Family Physicians) held its first FMX (formerly Scientific Assembly) in 1949 in Cincinnati, Ohio. AAGP officials were unsure of how many attendees to expect at this first convention. They were pleasantly overwhelmed by more than 2,500 physicians eager to attend the meeting. Dr. Stanley R. Truman, President of the AAGP in 1950-51, described that first annual meeting in his book The History of the Founding of the American Academy of General Practice (1969)

"...Those attending crowded the meeting halls, stood through the scientific sessions, and so overwhelmed the speakers with their eagerness and enthusiasm that the word spread around the country that nothing like this had ever been seen or heard of before." 

Over the years, FMX (formerly Scientific Assembly) continued to grow in size and stature. The images here give a sense of how much the meeting has changed -- and stayed the same.

For more information on the history of FMX (formerly Scientific Assembly), visit Family Medicine History Facts on File.


[1949 Scientific Assembly]

March 8, 1949
First Annual Banquet

Hall of Mirrors, Netherland Plaza Hotel
Cincinnati, Ohio

[1949 Assembly Program]


[1951 Scientific Assembly]

March 19-22, 1951
Session on "Counseling Factors in Family Life"
Main Arena, San Francisco Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, California

[1951 Assembly Program]


[1954 Scientific Assembly]

March 22-25, 1954
Assembly Registration

Main Lobby, Public Auditorium
Cleveland, Ohio

[1954 Assembly Program]


[1959 Scientific Assembly]

April 6-9, 1959
Assembly Exhibit Hall
Brooks Hall, Municipal Auditorium
San Francisco, California

[1959 Assembly Program]


[1963 Scientific Assembly]

April 1-4, 1963
Congress of Delegates
Grand Ballroom, Palmer House
Chicago, Illinois

[1963 Assembly Program]


[1967 Scientific Assembly]

September 18-21, 1967
Breakfast Conference: "Diagnosis of Cardiac Congenital Anomalies" by H. Gunther Bucheleres, MD
Market Hall
Dallas, Texas

[1969 Assembly Program]


[1971 Scientific Assembly]

October 4-7, 1971
Robert Young, that year's keynote speaker, examining AAFP literature in booth
Convention Hall
Miami Beach, Florida

[1971 Assembly Program]


[1974 Scientific Assembly]

October 14-17, 1974
Taping and Strapping Demonstration

Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center
Los Angeles, California

[1974 Assembly Program]


[1979 Scientific Assembly]

October 7-10, 1979
Assembly Registration
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia

[1979 Assembly Program]


[1981 Scientific Assembly]

September 21-24, 1981
Fellowship Convocation
Rotunda, Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

[1981 Assembly Program]


[1987 Scientific Assembly]

September 14-17, 1987
Clinical Seminars and Continuing Education Courses
Moscone Convention Center
San Francisco, California

[1987 Assembly Program]


[1991 Scientific Assembly]

September 26-29, 1991
Video CME
Washington Convention Center
Washington, D.C.

[1991 Assembly Program]


[1994 Scientific Assembly]

September 22-25, 1994
AAFP Shuttle Buses 
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts

[1994 Assembly Program]


[1997 Scientific Assembly]

September 17-21, 1997
Entrance to Exhibit Floor
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois


[2000 Scientific Assembly]

September 20-24, 2000
Exhibitor Registration
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas, Texas

[2000 Assembly Program]


[2005 Scientific Assembly]

September 28-October 2, 2005
AAFP Marketplace
Moscone Center
San Francisco, California

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