Scenes from Past Airlifts


[2004 Physicians With Heart Airlift]
A group of orphaned girls greet the Physicians With Heart delegation in Georgia.


[2002 Physicians With Heart Representatives]
The Physicians With Heart Delegation with Moldovan health care professionals before one of the medical symposia.


[2003 Physicians With Heart Airlift]
At a hospital in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, medical students form a line to pass boxes of donated drugs from an ambulance that was used to transport part of the shipment.


[2001 Physicians With Heart Hospital]
Glimpse of the crowded conditions in a clinic waiting area in Vietnam.


[1999 Physicians With Heart Speech]
AAFP Board Chair Lanny Copeland, MD (third from left, standing), takes a question during a seminar sponsored by Physicians With Heart. This PWH seminar introduced an audience of 400 students, professors and practicing physicians to family medicine and presented information on airlifted medicines. To Dr. Copeland's left is a translator; to his right are Uzbek officials, including Uzbekistan's Minister of Health, who spoke about the country's need to update its generalist physicians.


[2000 Physicians With Heart Child with Polaroid]
A young girl at Ramani Village Orphanage near Baku, Azerbaijan, was captivated by the Polaroid photograph taken of her by the Physicians With Heart delegation.


[1999 Physicians With Heart Airlift]
Daniel Ostergaard, MD, AAFP Vice President for International and Interprofessional Affairs, presents medical equipment and supplies to a Samarkand health official and staff at a local clinic. The Uzbekistan Ministry of Health worked closely with Physicians With Heart to determine the areas of the country with the greatest need, including city hospitals as well as small rural clinics.


[1997 Physicians With Heart Meeting]
Doctors at the Central/Regional Hospital in Tskinvali, Georgia, peruse pharmaceutical update booklets distributed by the Physicians With Heart delegation. The booklets (translated into Russian and Georgian) featured information on each drug included in the airlift.


[1998 Physicians With Heart Children]
Sheila Cook, MD, demonstrates how to use the "Doodle Poodle" to a young girl at an orphanage in Novosibirsk. During this airlift, Physicians With Heart delegation members brought toys along in their luggage to distribute to orphans and sick children in Novosibirsk and Akademgorodok in Siberia, Russia.


[1997 Physicians With Heart Business Meeting]
James Jones, MD, AAFP Foundation President (left, gesturing), leads a workshop on academic/curriculum issues during a full day of CME presented by the Physicians With Heart delegation in Autaisi. Other panel members participating in the workshop are (seated to Dr. Jones' right): FPs Michelle Fleeman Jones, MD, and Daniel Van Durme, MD.


[1995 Physicians With Heart Airlift]
Physicians With Heart delegation volunteers help to load tractor trailers with supplies headed for Armenia.


[1996 Physicians with Heart Clinicians]
AAFP Board Chair Douglas Henley, MD, and Heart to Heart International Chair Gary Morsch, MD, lead a group of airlift volunteers on a tour of the Almaty Oblast Adult Hospital. Here, the group learns about the hospital's use of the hyperbaric chamber seen in the lower left corner of the photograph.


[1994 Physicians With Heart Airlift]
A cargo jet carrying the 1994 Physicians With Heart shipment is unloaded September 28 in Simferopol, Ukraine. The airlift provided 30 tons of donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies worth about $6 million.


[1993 Physicians With Heart Airlift]
For the first Physicians With Heart trip to Russia, individual Academy members donated hundreds of medical instruments for the airlift. Gary Morsch, MD, MPH (left), Heart to Heart International co-founder and chair; Bob Simms (center), Heart to Heart International development chair; and Daniel J. Ostergaard, MD (right), AAFP vice president for education and scientific affairs, inspect some of the instruments in a St. Petersburg warehouse before the donations were distributed to area hospitals.


[1994 Physicians With Heart Hospital Room]
Members of the Physicians With Heart delegation visit with patients and staff at the Simferopol Children's Infectious Hospital.

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