Traveling Exhibits Program

The following exhibits are currently available as small, portable displays that can be loaned on a temporary basis to Family Medicine organizations, schools, civic organizations or other archives, libraries and museums.

Exhibits may be loaned for a period of three months with a single three-month renewal, for a maximum of up to six months. The cost for Family Medicine organizations and other donors to the Center is the cost of return shipping only; for other researchers and organizations, the cost is $150.00 per three-month loan period, plus the cost of return shipping.

For more information about exhibit availability and ordering, please contact the Center.

"The AAFP: A History of the American Academy of Family Physicians"

An exhibit on the first 60 years (1947-2007) of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and one of a series of historical exhibitions featured as part of the "Family of Family Medicine" Series to highlight the histories of each of the seven Family Medicine organizations involved in the CHFM.

"AAFP Awards & Honors"

Features a sampling of some of the many awards the Academy has won over the years in areas ranging from publishing to meetings and convention management.

"The AAFP & Health Care Reform: Then & Now"

Family physicians and Family Medicine organizations have both played a critical part in the continuing debate to reform health care in America. This exhibit takes a brief look at the history of health care reform in the United States and the AAFP's role in reform efforts.

"The AAFP Foundation: A History"

A special exhibit to celebrate the first 50 years in the history of the Foundation (1958-2008), this display is one of a series of historical exhibitions in the "Family of Family Medicine" Series.

"AFMRD: A History of the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors"

Another in a series of historical exhibitions in the "Family of Family Medicine" Series about this organization, founded in 1990.

"ADFM: A History of the Association of Departments of Family Medicine"

Another in a series of historical exhibitions in the "Family of Family Medicine" Series about this organization, founded in 1978.

"All in the Family: A History of the Constituent Chapters of the AAFP"

This exhibit takes a look at the history and development of the Academy's 55 Constituent Chapters, and features unique photographs, artifacts, and other materials from selected chapters.

"Christmas At the Academy"

Drawing from the AAFP's old files, this exhibit takes a look at the history of Christmas at the AAFP, its past importance in Academy culture, and its evolution into a "Holiday" celebration.

"The Center for the History of Family Medicine: Preserving Family Medicine's Past for the Sake of Our Future"

This exhibit focuses on the Center itself, its history and purpose, and the multi-dimensional role it plays as an historical archives, library, and museum. [Two versions available]

"The Distinguished Dozen: Twelve Books that Shaped the Face of Family Medicine"

Features twelve of the most influential works in Family Medicine history, together with a discussion of their impact, authors, etc.

"A Gallery of Family Medicine Symbols, Past & Present"

The use of symbols and symbolism has always been important in Family Medicine. This exhibit reviews many of the symbols used within the specialty over time, via logos and seals, with a discussion of some of the meanings behind the symbols.

"From the Doctor's Bag: The Tools of the Trade of the Family Physician, Past & Present"

Presents a collection of various medical instruments together with a discussion of their uses.

"The GP's Library: A Glimpse Into Early 20th Century Medicine"

This exhibit showcases and presents materials that were found in a typical GP's library during the early 20th century. Two versions of the exhibit have been prepared: one based on the collections of Dr. John O. Baeke, a practicing GP in Overland Park, Kansas during the 1950s through the 1980s, and materials from the library of GP Waddy P. Tate, MD, of St. Louis, Missouri. [Two versions available]

"Past Headquarters Buildings of the AAFP"

A small gallery exhibit featuring materials drawn from the Center's collection's on the history of past headquarters of the Academy.

"Kids & Family Medicine"

Utilizing files from both Family Medicine organizations and family physicians, this exhibit highlights children's perceptions of family physicians and the specialty, and focuses on Family Medicine's involvement over the years in reaching out to younger generations.

"Physicians With Heart: A Tribute"

This exhibit explores the history and accomplishments of this group in its work of more than a decade to bring hope to the peoples of the world via humanitarian airlifts.

"A Survey of Academy Publications"

This exhibit features early issues of GP, AFP, Family Practice Management and/or other publications from past Academy offerings, and also features old print blocks from the Publication Division's AAFP Daily News.

Reproduction Medical Costume Collection

The following reproduction medical costumes are available for loan:  (1) Civil War Confederate medical officer's uniform - historically accurate reproduction of a Confederate surgeon's uniform, complete with jacket, pants, kepi (hat) and sash; (2) Civil War Union medical officer's uniform - historically accurate reproduction of a Union surgeon's uniform, including jacket, pants, kepi (hat) and sash; (3) Green surgical scrubs - includes shirt and pants; and (4) Physician's white lab coat.

"What Is It?"

Features unusual medical instruments from the past, and challenges visitors to identify them, as an interesting theme for an interactive "quiz" exhibit approach. [Two versions available]

"Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I?"

A variation on the above theme, this display features unidentified photographs from the Center's vast photographic collection holdings and engages visitors by asking them to help identify the individuals or subjects displayed in each photograph.

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