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Rainbow Brite "I'm a Fit Kid" Coloring Book

In 1986, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), in cooperation with Hallmark Properties and the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, produced a special coloring book for children.

Entitled The Rainbow Brite "I'm a Fit Kid" Coloring Book, it was designed to help youngsters stay fit through the early promotion of healthy physical fitness habits. The coloring book, which opens with a congratulatory letter from then-President Ronald Reagan, includes a daily fitness program, a calendar to record each month's progress, and an "I'm a Fit Kid" certificate to be filled out by each participating child. Once completed, the certificate was to be displayed in the offices of participating family physicians or teachers as part of National Family Health Week in October of 1986.

According to Richard C. Inskip, MD, who served as President of the AAFP from 1985 to 1986, the Academy initiated the project in response to statistics indicating "that fitness is not a priority among youngsters." In a statement by Dr. Inskip which appeared in the April 1986 edition of the AAFP Reporter, he was quoted as saying, "Poor physical condition has long-term medical consequences, adversely affects self-esteem and may impair academic performance... Since family physicians care for patients from the cradle through old age, they deal with those long-term consequences. The coloring book will help them nip the problem in the bud."

Beginning in May 1986 (National Physical Fitness and Sports Month), approximately 1.5 million copies of the coloring books were distributed to schools and family physicians' offices throughout the United States.

(The Rainbow Brite "I'm a Fit Kid" Coloring Book is provided with permission courtesy of Hallmark Licensing, Inc. Hallmark neither sponsors nor endorses AAFP's programs.)

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