Research Resources

Research Checklists

Family Medicine Research Checklist(2 page PDF) -- For use by anyone conducting historical research on the history of Family Medicine or any of the Family Medicine organizations.

Family Physician Biographical Research Checklist(2 page PDF) -- For use by anyone conducting biographical or genealogical research on general practitioners or family physicians.

Research Presentations

The History of Family Medicine(31 page PDF) -- Download the history presentation of Steven Dennis, MD

The History of Family Medicine and Its Impact in US Health Care Delivery(31 page PDF) -- Download the research paper of Cecilia Gutierrez, MD and Peter Scheid, MD

History of Family Medicine Timeline(1 page PDF) -- Download the timeline of Family Medicine created by Cecilia Gutierrez, MD and Peter Scheid, MD

Why the Generalist Became a Specialist: A History of General Practice and Family Medicine(13 page PDF) -- Download part one (of three) research papers reviewing the history of the specialty by noted Family Medicine leader Nikitas J. Zervanos, MD.

Selected Bibliography

The following bibliography represents a broad basic selection of reference materials for the researcher in the subject areas of the history of general practice, Family Medicine and medicine in general.

Books(17 page PDF) -- Includes published books and monographs.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias(3 page PDF) -- Includes reference works.

Indexes(1 page PDF) -- Indexes to medical and scientific literature.

Journals and Journal Articles(17 page PDF) -- Key journals in Family Medicine and articles about Family Medicine history.

Oral Histories -- Published oral histories from the "Voices from Family Medicine" series.

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