Restriction to Access Policy

The Center for the History of Family Medicine (CHFM) is committed to providing access to the original research materials in its possession on equal terms of access. CHFM's policy is consistent with the Code of Ethics for Archivists and the ALA-SAA Joint Statement on Access to Original Materials in Libraries, Archives and Manuscript Repositories. The following situations however, may require the CHFM staff to restrict access to collections or portions of collections:

  • The CHFM Manager may determine that fragile or damaged materials may not be handled. Under these circumstances, the History Center will provide a suitable facsimile for the researcher's use whenever possible. The researcher will be informed that the material he/she is viewing is not original.
  • CHFM staff may refuse access to unprocessed materials by a researcher. Unprocessed collections are normally not available for research since items may end up out of their original order while being used. This policy does not preclude the staff from informing the researcher of the general nature of unprocessed material that will be available in the future.
  • The History Center will not permit access to materials that are on loan from another institution or that have been temporarily deposited with CHFM unless permission has been granted by that institution to do so. Under these circumstances, History Center staff will inform the researcher of the nature of this restriction and will provide the name of the lending institution.
  • Further access to CHFM collections will be refused to any researcher who has demonstrated carelessness or deliberate destructiveness resulting in endangerment to preservation and/or safety of CHFM's materials, or who has violated the History Center's policies and regulations.
  • The Center for the History of Family Medicine reserves the right to restrict access to its collections if any researcher refuses to provide acceptable identification at the time of the initial research interview with CHFM staff.
  • History Center staff will inform the researcher when a donor has placed restrictions upon a collection that the researcher would like to use. In some cases, donor restrictions are necessary to preserve confidentiality or privacy due to information contained within the material. Donor restrictions are not encouraged by CHFM, but the staff honors these requests when a collection has been accepted under these conditions.

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