Dues Check-Off Toolkit

About the Dues Check-Off Campaign

The Dues Check-Off Campaign is an important part of the AAFP Foundation. Not only does it fund many of the Foundation's humanitarian, educational and scientific programs, but in addition, up to 40% of what is raised through Dues Check-Off goes back to Constituent Chapters and/or Chapter Foundations through the FMPC Grant Awards Program.

About the Toolkit

The Dues Check-Off Toolkit is a resource to help Chapters promote member participation in the Dues Check-Off fundraising campaign. The Dues Check-Off Toolkit provides a variety of materials which Chapters can use to promote the Dues Check-Off Campaign within each individual state.

In the toolkit, there is announcement copy that can be used for small or large meetings, plus story copy for either a printed piece or a web site. Additionally, you can download a professionally designed graphic to use in conjunction with the print or web copy. The last piece of the toolkit is an ad that you can place in your next print piece. The ad can be downloaded in two different sizes: 1/4 page or 1/2 page. 

If you would like the Dues Check-Off images in a tiff file or an eps file, please contact Erin Heffernan at (800) 274-2237, ext. 4440.

Toolkit Materials

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