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2017 Corporate Roundtable Highlights

More than 45 corporate partners attended this year’s Corporate Roundtable in Hollywood Beach, Florida to discuss issues important to family physicians and their patients. The theme was Family Medicine in Action of which highlights included John Meigs, Jr., MD, FAAFP, President of the American Academy of Family Physician’s presentation on “A Day in the Life of a Family Physician.” Dr. Meigs highlighted several patients he knows on a very personal basis, oftentimes knowing their family history better than they do from treating generations. Douglas E. Henley, MD, FAAFP, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Academy, underscored this, saying that Dr. Meig’s presentation “(demonstrated) the power of continuous healing relationships in primary care.”

Other presentations included R. Shawn Martin, Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy’s presentation on 2017 administration changes affecting members, and Julie Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Senior Vice President for Health of the Public and Interprofessional Activities’ presentation on AAFP’s Health of the Public initiatives. Interactive sessions focused around payment challenges, population health and continuing medical education.

“For us, it was very eye-opening to see the world through the leadership of AAFP, especially the strategic priorities of the leadership team and the legislative update. It helped our organization identify ways we can further collaborate with AAFP to deliver solutions based on what is important to their membership.” Jason Crawford, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, LLC

For questions on the Corporate Roundtable or the Corporate Partner Program, please contact Shelley Ruhlman. Next year’s Corporate Roundtable will meet again in Hollywood Beach, Florida, on January 30-31, 2018.

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