In Special Tribute

Honor a colleague, family member, or friend while supporting the work of your Foundation.  Make a tribute gift and recognize someone important in your life.

The AAFP Foundation is honored to receive gifts in memory or honor of family physicians, spouses, and friends.  A tribute gift recognizes the relationship you have with your AAFP Foundation and the Family Medicine community.

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors for their tribute gifts received from January 1 – December 31, 2017.

In Honor Of

Ricard R. Puumala, MD
Vicki Larsen Anderson, MD

Ruth A. Austin, DO
Daniel E. Austin, MD

Marty Krekovich
Robert C. M. Bourne, MD
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD
Dr. Linda and Lawrence Stone

Marlene McLaughlin
Gary E. Brandt, MD

Margaret Fitzpatrick
Kent D. W. Bream, MD

Texas AFP
Mary F. Campagnolo, MD
Carl Raymond Olden, MD

Kate O. Anteyi, MD
Lucy M. Candib, MD
Rosa I. Vizcarra, MD
Domingo S. Caparas, Jr., MD

Robert L. Cheney
Tamara Cheney, MD

Gigi and Evelyn Graves
Susan Archer Chiarito, MD

Herberto Cofresi-Ruiz
Heberto Cofresi, MD

The volunteers and great people of Texas
Rafael Arturo Cortes, MD

Dr. Paul McCord
Dr. Kevin & Joyce Cullinane

Ellen Whiting
Renee L. Markovich, MD

Dr. Daniel and Ruth Ostergaard
Barbara J. Doty, MD

Melissa Anne A. Layno, MD
Amanda Law Foshee, MD

Lucy M. Candib, MD
John Joseph Frey, MD
Marji Gold, MD
Anita Kostecki, MD
Sara G. Shields, MD

Dr. Rodney N. Lovitt
Robert F. Heath, MD

Kaaren Metcalf
Dr. Robert & Judy Higgins
Dr. Michael & Judy Madden

B. L. Huffman, MD
Debra L L. Huffman

Michael E. Zionts, MD
William A. Jorgensen, DO

John S. Meigs, MD
Dr. Rick and Janet Kellerman

Stacy C. Leiker, MD
Janet Leiker

Keiko Letson
Ashley Marie Lewis, MD

Donya Powers, MD
Roy G. Davis
Sturdy Memorial Hospital
Nancy Standish

Noah Mahoney
Deborah Levin Mahoney, MD

Kenneth L. Evans, MD
Dr. David & Nancy Massanari

The Allen McLeod Family of Katy Texas
Suzanne McLeod McBride, MD

Clif Knight, MD
Dr. & Mrs. John Meigs, Jr.

Jenny Craven
Anoymous Donor

Commission on Education
Dr. Glen Stream & Dr. Anne Montgomery

Meg Mramor
Elizabeth Mramor, MD

Providence St. Peter Family Medicine
Bill Newmann, MD

George L. McKay, MD
David John Novelli, MD

MaryEllen Olden
Carl Raymond Olden, MD

Diana Winslow
Carl Raymond Olden, MD

Gary B. Morsch, MD
Dr. Dan & Ruth Ostergaard

Family Health Care Health Group
James L. Shiovitz, MD

Michael Louck, MD
Stephen C. Spicer, MD

Nevada Faculty
Daniel Spogen, MD

Rebecca Jaffe, MD
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD

Samuel H. Melton, MD
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD

Kendra Aucker
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD

Joseph Ross
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD

Kevin Delsite
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD

FME West Branch
Douglas Alan Spotts, MD

William R. Wise, MD
Mary B. Wise, MD

Jia K. Bindra
Edward M. Yu, MD

Stuart M. Zeltzer, MD
Susan Cohen Zeltzer, MD

Elan S. Kurtz
T. Rowe Price Program

Rodger Taylor. MD
Gideon S. A. Adegbile, MD

In Memory Of

Gabriel H. Smilkstein, MD
Joane Goforth Baumer, MD

Dene T. Walters, MD
James P. Blore, MD
Stanley T. Depman, MD
Kent D. W. Bream, MD
Rebecca Jaffe, MD
Stephen Paul Kajencki, MD
Bruce M. Romanic, MD

James Harris, MD and
  Epes Harris, MD
Alfred L. Brassel, Jr., MD

June Brodie
Jonathan J. Brodie, MD

Donya A. Powers, MD
Jeffrey E. Clemente, MD
Thomas T. Gilbert, MD
Vincent R. Hunt, MD
Dr. Dan & Ruth Ostergaard
Drs. Tom and Jane Weida

Henry L. Harrell, MD
David Frank Elliott, MD

Edgardo C. Francisco, MD
Filipinas M. Francisco, MD

Ryan M. Gaertner
Wm. J. Gaertner, MD

Raymond Nicholson, MD
Michelle & Juan Michelle Galen - Cabrera, MD

Thomas F. Farrell, MD
Michael S. Garrity, MD

Dr. Eugene and Linda Farley
Victoria Ann Gorski, MD

Carlos A. Prendes, MD
Steven L. Grad

Joe B. Hick, MD
Kimberlie A. Haas

Carolyn Bridges
Stephen Brown Henderson, MD

Douglas P. Parashak, MD
Bartolome C. Kairuz, MD

Robert E. Kynerd, MD
Stanley Kynerd

Sheila Lee, MD
Sheila Lee, MD

Kristi L. Leiker
Janet Leiker

Jack W. Dailey
Janet Leiker

Ed Martin, MD
Dr. Michael & Judy Madden

William Mitchell, MD
Dr. Michael & Judy Madden

Joy Madonia
Paul W. Madonia, MD

Julie Matthews, MD
Wayne C. Matthews, MD

Jay Ach, MD
Regine Moulton, MD

Richard D. Clover, MD
Dr. Dan & Ruth Ostergaard

Robert Price, MD
Anonymous Donor

Harioutt K. Desai, MD
Aparna S. Shah, MD

Alice Shields
Charles Edward Shields, MD

Her Parents
Madhvi Sisodia, MD

Sandford L. Weiler, MD
Thomas A. Smith, MD

Her Parents
Marsha Snyder, MD

Robert B. Young, MD
C.C. Young and Family

Robin O. Winter
Adity Bhattacharyya

Delwyn J. Nagengast, MD
Kenneth K. Pavlik, MD

Thomas L. Stern, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Nikitas J. Zervanos

Rose Mastronardi
Farideh Zonouzi-Zadeh, MD

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