Fellowship in the History of Family Medicine: Past Fellows


Timothy Hoff, PhD, Boston, Massachusetts                                                                      
Project: “The Family Physician Career Evolution Study: A Multi-Level Analysis,” will examine the current evolution of family medicine careers through a multi-level analysis that includes 80-100 in-depth interviews with family physicians at all career stages, and archival analysis focused on select materials found at the Center for History in Family Medicine. 


Kate Rowland, MD, MS, Aurora, Illinois
Project: “Histories and Stories as Antidote for Modern Family Medicine Challenges” will analyze family medicine’s response to previous instances of change, challenge and hard times and use oral and written histories to identify how family physicians have responded to those challenges.  

2017 (Joint Fellows)

Amna Choudry, MD, MPH, Baltimore, Maryland
Project: “The Evolution of Rural Family Medicine from Origins to Present, and Future Direction,” a project to provide insight into current problems in rural medicine and assess the difficulties and possible solutions to common problems in rural medicine. The culmination of this project will serve as an environmental scan and as a resource to provide guidance and insight to future rural physicians.

Terrence Steyer, MD, Charleston, South Carolina
Project: “Establishing an Academic Base for Family Medicine: The MUSC Story,”  a study which seeks to accomplish three objectives: 1) To describe the evolution of the department of family medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina from time of first proposal to establishment as department; 2) To use historical data to develop an understanding of the development of family medicine at academic medical centers, using MUSC as a case study; and 3) To promote the continued need for academic departments of family medicine using a historical context. 

2016 (Joint Fellows)

David Charles Henderson, MD, Rockford, Michigan
Project: “Where did the Family Go? Revitalizing Family-Centered Care in Family Medicine,” a study to update Dr. Roy Gerard’s 1998 work The Conscience of Medicine: A History of Family Practice in Michigan by including Dr. Gerard’s own life story as a family physician and by incorporating the thoughts and philosophies of his contemporaries.

Kent J. Sheets, PhD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Project: “The Early History of Academic Departments of Family Medicine: Common Themes," a project to study the history of the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine,as well as themes linking what he’s learning about his own department to the development of other academic departments across the country at roughly the same period of time.


John J. Frey III, MD, Santa Fe, New Mexico/Madison, Wisconsin
Project: "Taking Care of Neighbors: A Social History of General Practice and Family Medicine in the 20th Century," a study to describe the social and community context of general practice from the mid-twentieth century until the end of the century.


William B. Ventres, MD, MA, San Salvador, El Salvador
Project: "Voices From Family Medicine," an educational mini-documentary with companion essay focusing on what it means to be a family physician, and the historical context behind that meaning. 

See educational mini-documentary(vimeo.com) and essay(298 KB PDF). (Essay reprinted with permission of Family Medicine)


Constance E. Putnam, PhD, Concord, Massachusetts
Project: "Rural General Practice as Forerunner of Today's Family Practice," a study of the life and career of a general practitioner (GP) from northern New England based on his personal letters and papers from the mid-twentieth century.

2012 (Joint Fellows)

Rick Flinders, MD, Rohnert Park, California
Project: "The Santa Rosa Story: A Local Chapter in the Nation's History of Family Medicine," a study in the history and development of the Santa Rosa Residency Program in Santa Rosa, California, within the larger context of the history and evolution of the specialty.

Robin S. Gotler, MA, Richfield, Minnesota
Project: "The Roots of Family Practice Research," a study of what shaped the priority given to research as the specialty of family practice was established and in its early years.


Richard D. Feldman, MD, Indianapolis, Indiana
Project: Family Practice Stories, a collection of stories told by and about Indiana family doctors practicing in the mid-twentieth century. It was published in 2013 by the Indiana Historical Society Press.

See excerpts(33 page PDF). (Excerpted from Richard D. Feldman, MD, Family Practice Stories: Memories, Reflections, and Stories of Hoosier Family Doctors of the Mid-twentieth Century (Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Press, 2013). Excerpts provided courtesy of The Indiana Historical Society Press.)

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