2013 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

About the Service Project

Congratulations to Jennifer King, MD, a resident at Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, who designed and conducted "Bridging the Gap: From the Streets to a Medical Home(4 page PDF)."


In her final report, submitted in July 2014, Dr. King summarized the following outcomes:

In collaboration with my faculty mentor, our residency, our resident primary clinic (Vista Family Health Center), Brookwood Health Center, a local social services agency for homeless youth (Social Advocates for Youth), and our community health HIV team, we have:

  1. Developed a mobile clinic that brings residents, physician volunteers and clinic staff to a local teen emergency shelter to provide medical care; and
  2. Established a regular medical resident outreach clinic at the Coffee House Shelter (an emergency teen shelter) in Santa Rosa."

Interventions included building a community partnership, performing a needs assessment, providing medical care, and improving access to insurance.

The resident education component has also been successful. Specifically, participating residents found the mobile van experience effective in providing them with a learning experience in community assessment, care of teens, care in resource poor areas, and population specific issues. In the coming year we will be providing motivational interviewing training to further train residents and faculty in applying our model to homeless youth, and continue mentoring several residents in additional projects related to this model of care.

Service Project Partners

  • Brookwood Health Center: Brookwood Health Center used the Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award to enhance the clinical and educational services for the most disenfanchised residents of Santa Rosa, including homeless youth. The clinic reported hosting lunchtime patient education programs for their homeless patients to help them focus on health issues that are often not well addressed during clinic appointments. Among the topics addressed at these lunches is how patients deal with the stigma of mental health. Guest speakers who suffer with mental health issues have shared stories about their own experiences to help reduce the stigma for themselves and others.

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