2019 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

Choices and Life-long Skills: Elevating Adolescent Contraception Awareness through the Implementation of a Resident-led School-Based Teen Clinic

Lulua Bahrainwala, MD (PGY-2) and Jose F. Velasquez, MD (PGY-1) with the Citrus Valley Health Partners Family Medicine Residency plans to collaborate with East Valley Community Health Center (EVCHC), a Federally-Qualified Health Center, to create a resident-led school-based teen clinic to offer vaccines, sports physicians, and contraceptive counseling/services to adolescents in a respectful, convenient and easily accessible manner. This resident-led school-based teen clinic will address the objectives for Family Planning of the Healthy People 2020, especially the indicators aimed at adolescent youth aged 13-19.  

Their objectives are to: 1) Increase awareness of contraception and sexually transmitted disease through patient-oriented educational material and 2) improve access to healthcare for adolescents by providing immunizations, sports physicians, and same-day sick visits while role-modeling healthy communication skills. The hope is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and minimize disparities in reproductive health and contraceptive counseling/use for their adolescent patients.

The proposed school-based teen clinic would: 1) Be situated on a school campus to provide confidential and convenient access to medical care by removing obstacles such as lack of transportation while minimizing absenteeism; 2) Create a welcoming atmosphere by planning to interact with students as part of a mentor/mentee partnership; 3) Collaborate with core faculty on-site to conduct community outreach presentations in the high schools educating the students about reproductive and sexual health in Health Education classes; 4) Promote the importance of immunizations and sports physicals and inform students of the resident-led teen clinic that is open once a week in the afternoon from1-5pm and 5) Be staffed by a single resident, second year or higher and a preceptor (Family Medicine faculty), a Certified health Worker for counseling, and a medical assistant.

The projected enduring benefits of the project would be to: 1) Help pioneer and set up the resident led SPC teen clinic as a part of the Adolescent Medicine rotation/elective at the Citrus Valley Health Partners FM Residency program; 2) Benefit adolescents from the clinic in their community and local schools, by having access to providers who are trained in family planning, who can empower them to make healthy lifestyle decisions. And 3) Empower youth by knowledge and the opportunity to learn lifelong skills they will be more likely to complete a higher education and improve their quality of life.

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