Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine

[Ribbon cutting ceremony at Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine opening]

The AAFP Foundation was proud to announce the opening of its first Family Medicine Cares USA grant recipient clinic, Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine clinic. It opened its doors on April 25, 2011, in Palm Bay, Florida.

Through a Family Medicine Cares USA grant, the AAFP Foundation was able to provide EHR system-related items, a women’s exam room, and other essential medical equipment. Already an area with a large number of uninsured people, the Space Coast region has experienced major layoffs with the ending of the Space Shuttle program, creating even greater need for free health care services.

Clinic Update

Opening date to December 31, 2013

  • Total Patient Visits: 7,320
  • Approximate Value of Services: $1,490,206

AAFP Member Volunteers

Steven J. Vanderby, MD, FAAFP - Medical Director

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