Still Caring Health Connection

The development of the clinic, located in Kirksville, Missouri, was led by a student organizing group from A.T. Still University’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health, with assistance from the Volunteers in Medicine national office.

This student-led, provider-supervised clinic provides medical, dental, and referral services to uninsured adult patients in the greater Kirkville area. Still Caring Health Connection (SCHC) also provides services to a local Amish community.

According to Eric Lesh, SCHC Director, “The Amish enjoy and specifically request osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) treatments as they have a lot of chronic musculoskeletal pain from their daily activities; OMM provides them with a lot of relief for these issues, which some of them have had since childhood.” Amish patients also benefit from the HbA1c and lipid testing the clinic is able to provide with its lab machines and portable generator. The labs and vitals allow providers to give feedback to patients as to how their hypertension and/or cholesterol medications are working. Volunteer providers are also able to counsel patients on diet and lifestyle changes.

In addition to providing care to patients, the clinic provides an opportunity for students to treat more chronic somatic dysfunctions and see the significant improvement OMM can make in the lives of their patients.

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