Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute: 2016 Scholars and Project Awardees

2016 Scholars and Leadership Projects

* Top 2 Resident and 2 Student Leadership Projects
** Best Leadership Project Award recipient from each track 

Track 1: Policy & Public Health Leadership

[Alicia Ashby, MD]

Alicia Ashby, MD*

Project Title: Health Coaching in a Public Health Clinic
Mentor: Daniel Spogen, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Swedish Family Medicine - First Hill

[Taneev Escamilla, MD]

Taneev Escamilla, MD

Project Title: WWAMI Region Resident Awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences 
Mentor: Bruce Van Cleave, MD
Year in Residency/School: PGY1
Program/School: University of Washington Family Medicine Residency


[Talha Khan]

Talha Khan

Project Title: Addressing Health Disparities in a Central Brooklyn Immigrant Subpopulation Through Minimization of Ambulatory Wait Times
Mentor: Philip Kaplan, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: SUNY Downstate College of Medicine


[Sean McClellan]

Sean McClellan

Project Title: Immigrant Health Advocacy
Mentor: Mark Rastetter, MD
Year in Residency/School: M3
Program/School: Armour Academic Center

[Linh Nguyen]

Linh Nguyen

Project Title: Let's Get Cooking! Using Culinary Medicine TO Empower Future Physicians and the OKC Community
Mentor: Valerie Castle, DO, MPH
Year in Residency/School: M3
Program/School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

[Everlyn Perez, MD]

Everlyn Perez, MD

Project Title: Teaching Population Health in Residency
Mentor: Conrad Flick, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Duke Family Medicine Residency

[Shannon Roche, DO]

Shannon Roche, DO

Project Title: Public Health/Policy Education
Mentor: Russell Breish, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY1
Program/School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

[Hayden Shafer]

Hayden Shafer*

Project Title: Integration of Naloxone Rescue Education into Family Medicine Clerkship Curriculum
Mentor: Kenneth Bertka, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine

[Josh St. Louis, MD]

Joshua St. Louis, MD, MPH*

Project Title: Starting Pre-exposure Prophylaxis During Inpatient Admissions to Reach High-Risk IVDU Patients
Mentor: Howard Sellinger, MD
Year in Residency/School: PGY3
Program/School: Lawrence Family Medicine Residency

[Amanda Stisher]

Amanda Stisher**

Project Title: The Use of Patient Navigators to Increase Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening to Medically Underserved Women in the Alabama Black Belt(33 page PDF)
Mentor: Kehinde Eniola, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M2
Program/School: University of Alabama School of Medicine

Track 2: Personal & Practice Leadership

[Patricia Chipi, MD]

Patricia Chipi, MD

Project Title: Increasing Confidence in Physical Exam Skills
Mentor: Christina Kelly, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY1
Program/School: Florida State University College of Medicine- Daytona Campus

[Lauren Ciszak, MD]

Lauren Ciszak, MD

Project Title: Designing a Survey to Assess Resident Happiness at Work
Mentor: Judy Chamberlain, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency 

[Megan Gibson]

Megan Gibson

Project Title: The Declining Access to Obstetrical and Prenatal Care Across Alabama
Mentor: Jeffrey Lanier, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M2
Program/School: University of Alabama School of Medicine 

[Andrea Larson, DO]

Andrea Larson, DO*

Project Title: Developing a Toolbox: To Improve Resident Education with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) Patients
Mentor: Jerry Rogers, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program 

[Theresia Neill]

Theresia Neill

Project Title: Effect of Language Barrier on Physician Satisfaction
Mentor: Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine - Salina

[Racheli Schoenburg]

Racheli Schoenburg

Project Title: Perspectives of Care Management in Small and Solo Practices
Mentor: Margot Savoy, MD, MPH, CPE, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: University of Georgetown School of Medicine

[Edward Seto, MD]

Edward Seto, MD*

Project Title: Incorporating Mindfulness into a Resident Wellness Curriculum
Mentor: Don Briscoe, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Christus Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program

[Shanna Stryker, MD]

Shanna Stryker, MD

Project Title: Introduction to Mindfulness Group Visits in TCHMA
Mentor: Mary Jo Welker, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY4
Program/School: University of Cincinnati/The Christ Hospital Family Medicine Residency

[Joshua Wienczkowski]

Joshua Wienczkowski**

Project Title: Dying with Dignity: An Initiative for Early Discussion and Patient Education About End of-Life Care. ( and Point of Care Tool(
Mentor: Chris Lupold, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine

[Warren Yamashita]

Warren Yamashita*

Project Title: A Grounded Theory Qualitative Study on Alternative Practice Models 
Mentor: Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: Keck School of Medicine of USC

Track 3: Philanthropic & Mission-Driven Leadership

[Moazzum Bajwa, MD]

Moazzum Bajwa, MD, MPH**

Project Title: Emerging Health Advocates Program - Promoting Health Advocacy in High Schools( 
Mentor: Luke Casias, MD
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: UC-Riverside / RCRMC Family Medicine

[Haley Coleman]

Haley Coleman

Project Title: Creating and implementing a migrant manual website and document storage to improve the quality of life of humans in-transit to the United States
Mentor: Sarah Sams, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M3
Program/School: Northeast Ohio Medical University

[Mary Eguia, MD]

Mary Eguia, MD

Project Title: Aiming to Increase Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine: A Summary of Our Work in Progress
Mentor: Brandon Zabukovic, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Northwestern Mcgaw Family Medicine Residency Program

[Brooke Lamparello, MD]

Brooke Lamparello, MD

Project Title: Empowering Young Women In Rural Uganda
Mentor: Mark Belfer, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Albany Medical Center

[Katelin McCall]

Katelin McCall

Project Title: Surviving Mountain City: A Medical Student's Guide
Mentor: Linda Stone, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M3
Program/School: James H. Quillen College of Medicine

[Ashley Panichelli, MD]

Ashley Panichelli, MD

Project Title: End of Life Care Needs Assessment Survey in a Family Medicine Residency Practice 
Mentor: Daniel DeJoseph, MD
Year in Residency/School: PGY2
Program/School: Christiana Care Family Medicine

[Chandler Stisher]

Chandler Stisher*

Project Title: What Do 4th Year Medical Students Around the Country Say About Family Medicine? 
Mentor: Kimberly Becher, MD
Year in Residency/School: M2
Program/School: University of Alabama School of Medicine

[Meghan Tierney, MD]

Meghan Tierney, MD*

Project Title: Introduction to the Suboxone Program at Orion Mini-Clinic
Mentor: David Fiore, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: PGY3
Program/School: Group Health Cooperative

[Matthew Wheeler]

Matthew Wheeler

Project Title: Student-Run Free Clinic Proposal
Mentor: Alan Schwartzstein, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M2
Program/School: Medical College of Wisconsin Green Bay

[Jeanne Wigant]

Jeanne Wigant*

Project Title: Truckloads of Toiletries: An Annual Contest to Reduce a Sustained Need
Mentor: David Walsworth, MD, FAAFP
Year in Residency/School: M4
Program/School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

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