Family Medicine Cares International: 2014 Annual Delegation to Haiti

About the Delegation

Family Medicine Cares International was created to provide sustainable and accessible health care to underserved populations around the world, specifically in impoverished Haiti. The second annual Family Medicine Cares International Delegation spent a week in Haiti from February 15-22, 2014, providing much-needed health care services to the people of Haiti, alongside in-country partner Heart to Heart International (HHI). The 22-member Delegation split into three distinct teams:

The Delegation: By the Numbers

The 2014 delegation consisted of 22 delegates:

  • 8 returning volunteers
  • 14 family physician volunteers
  • 3 Family Medicine residents
  • 5 non-medical volunteers

Patient Care Team

As part of the Family Medicine Cares International Patient Care component, licensed physicians and residents (under physician supervision) attended to patients at community clinics during the Delegation trip. The Patient Care Team, comprised of 10 family physicians, treated more than 550 patients at multiple clinic locations throughout the region including the remote South East area. Two residents were able to join this team for a unique experience in both urban and rural medicine settings. In addition, one of the sub-teams was able to perform 137 well-child visits at a local school. The school then worked with parents to encourage follow up with a few of the children.

Team 1: South East (Sud-Est)

  • Dr. Jacobo Rivero – Returning Delegate
  • Dr. Jerry Potts
  • Dr. Liz Green

Team 2: Ouest

  • Dr. Gustav Wilde
  • Dr. Joann Buonomano
  • Dr. Sanket Parikh
  • Dr. Anna Goroncy – Resident 

Team 3: Ouest

  • Dr. David Smith – Returning Delegate
  • Dr. Kevin Harvey
  • Dr. Alisha Razack – Resident

Patient Care Team: By the Numbers

In 2014, the patient care team consisted of 10 family physician volunteers, 2 of which were family medicine residents. During their time in Haiti, they:

  • Split into 3 sub-teams to provide direct patient care
  • In 5 different clinic locations
  • Treated more than 550 patients
  • Performed 137 well-child exams (very rare in Haiti)
  • One group traveled 16 hours round-trip to the South East region

Medical Education Team

The Medical Education Team, made up of seven family physicians and one staff member, developed and presented two one-day symposia for Family Medicine residents, physicians, and medical students in Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince. The symposia covered the topics of Geriatric and Preventive Medicine, which were specific medical topics identified by our in-country residency programs and medical school partners. In addition, the team presented two faculty development sessions for the Family Medicine residency programs in Cap Haitien and Saint Marc, as well as delivered much needed medical equipment and supplies. A critical part of the team’s schedule included meetings with the medical schools, area physician leaders, and the Ministry of Health in Haiti to discuss future symposia, curriculum, and resource needs, plus a long-term role in supporting the development of Family Medicine in Haiti.

Dr. Jane Weida – Delegation Lead and Returning Delegate
Brenda Cherpitel – Staff Lead and Returning Delegate
Dr. Donald Briscoe
Dr. Mimi Doohan
Dr. Anna Doubeni – Returning Delegate
Dr. Zita Magloire – FMCI Resident Scholarship Recipient
Dr. Jason Marker
Dr. Mary Jo Welker – Returning Delegate

Special thanks to Dr. Andre Vulcain and The Haiti Project for their collaboration in presenting the medical education symposia in Haiti.

Medical Education Team: By the Numbers

In 2014, the medical education team consisted of 7 family physician volunteers (one was a Family Medicine resident). During their time in Haiti, they:

  • Trained:
    •  82 Haitian family physicians, residents, and medical professionals as part of the Family Medicine Symposium
    • 24 faculty members at two Family Medicine residency programs
  • Held meetings:
    • 2 meetings regarding a new residency program
    • 2 meetings with the MSPP (Ministry of Health)
    • 1 meeting with the Council of Deans of the four medical schools
    • 1 U.S. Embassy meeting with Ambassador White

  • Donated supplies:
    • 2 AED machines to the two Family Medicine residency programs
    • 32 glucometers to the two Family Medicine residency programs
    • 36 boxes of glucose test strips to the two Family Medicine residency programs
    • 10 AAFP Family Medicine Board Review course binders, CDs, and thumb drives to the two Family Medicine residency programs, MSPP, and Council of Deans
    • 15 stethoscopes to the two Family Medicine residency programs, MSPP, and Council of Deans
    • 15 otoscope/ophthalmoscope sets to the two Family Medicine residency programs, MSPP, and Council of Deans
    • 15 blood pressure kits to the two Family Medicine residency programs, MSPP, and Council of Deans

Service Team

The Service Team consisted of three non-medical volunteers and one staff member, who focused on the needs of more than 500 children and youth. The team spent considerable time at two schools in Leogane and at the Bel Air School in the gang-controlled Bel Air community. They were able to paint the interior of the three schools, varnish benches at each location and connect with the children at all of the facilities. The team was also able to meet with the vo-tech students who have received scholarships through the AAFP Foundation Family Medicine Cares International program. These students were set to start class in the coming days.

Lloyd Welker – Volunteer Lead and Returning Delegate
Erin Heffernan – Staff Lead
Carrie Johnson
Christeen Moburg – Returning Delegate

Service Team: By the Numbers

In 2014, the Service Team:

  • Impacted 500 children in three schools
  • Donated 200 Soy Joy bars
  • Donated 500 Heart Suckers
  • Donated 600 granola bars
  • Provided 150 boxes of crayons
  • Varnished/painted 43 benches
  • Painted 12 chairs
  • Gave 18 soccer balls to the schools for the children
  • Gave 18 jump ropes to the schools for the children
  • Painted 3 schools (interior and exterior)

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