Outcomes: Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

Program Goals

  • To address unmet health care needs of the underserved in local communities

Program Outcomes

2015: "Lifestyle is Medicine" by Christina Miller, MD, and Stewart Wilkey, DO, provided lifestyle counseling to patients with the aim to help them eat healthy, lose weight, and stop smoking.

2014: "Pintando Un Futuro Mas Brillante/Painting a Brighter Future" by Isa Barth-Rogers, MD, MPH, and Yelba M. Castellon-Lopez, MD, provided an immersion health education program for Latina patients with co-morbid Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and depression.

2013: "Bridging the Gap: From the Streets to a Medical Home" by Jennifer King, MD, provided services to homeless youth in Sonoma County and connected them with a medical home at the community health center.

Detailed Program Information

To learn more about this program, including eligibility requirements and application information, please visit the program page.

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