• Program Overview

    The AAFP Foundation provides one scholarship for a family medicine resident to be part of the Family Medicine Cares International Delegation to Haiti.

    Trip Date: February 15 - February 22, 2020

    Program Details

    The scholarship covers the following expenses:

    • Travel to Haiti and in-country, including housing and food.
    • Resident scholar will give a presentation on the experience at the AAFP National Conference and expenses will be covered as part of the travel scholarship.
    • Maximum amount travel scholarship is $5,000.


    1. Candidates must be a family medicine resident in good standing. The more years in residency training, the higher the ranking.
    2. Candidates must provide a compelling letter of intent that addresses what the scholarship would do for their interest in global health and the impact on their education. This letter would be shared with sponsors donors/organization if chosen.
    3. Candidates must submit a letter from their program director stating their support of the trip and the impact the resident will make if chosen.
    4. Candidates should have an interest in international Family Medicine and some international travel and involvement in humanitarian initiatives.
    5. Candidates should be able to provide patient care in community clinics under the direct supervision of another member of the Patient Care Team as his/her preceptor.
    6. Candidates should have good communication/writing skills, as demonstrated in his/her cover letter.
    7. Candidates will have demonstrated leadership skills.
    8. Candidates have a valid passport and does not have any disabilities that would preclude him/her from travel or heavy lifting (being dependent on others).
    9. Candidates must be eligible to present during the AAFP’s National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students in 2020.
    10. All required documents must be received by the application deadline.
      a. Completed electronic FMCI Delegation Volunteer
      Application and Travel Registration Form
      b. Letter of Intent (as described above)
      c. Letter from your program director (as described above)
      d. A copy of your current medical license
      e. A copy of your medical degree
      f. A copy of your CV (resume)
      g. A copy of your DEA certificate
      h. A color copy of your Photo ID (Driver’s License)
      i. A color copy of your Passport (must be dated 6 months
      past the date of return from deployment).

    Support for this scholarship is made possible by the Dr. David and Karen Smith Humanitarian Fund.

    Application Details

    For more information about participating in the February 15-22, 2020 Delegation trip, please review the application details in the FMCI Delegation Overview(7 page PDF). The application period is now closed.

    Applicant Notification: December 2, 2019

    Resident Service Awards

    2013 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

    About the Service Project

    Congratulations to Jennifer King, MD, a resident at Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, who designed and conducted "Bridging the Gap: From the Streets to a Medical Home(4 page PDF)."


    In her final report, submitted in July 2014, Dr. King summarized the following outcomes:

    In collaboration with my faculty mentor, our residency, our resident primary clinic (Vista Family Health Center), Brookwood Health Center, a local social services agency for homeless youth (Social Advocates for Youth), and our community health HIV team, we have:

    1. Developed a mobile clinic that brings residents, physician volunteers and clinic staff to a local teen emergency shelter to provide medical care; and
    2. Established a regular medical resident outreach clinic at the Coffee House Shelter (an emergency teen shelter) in Santa Rosa."

    Interventions included building a community partnership, performing a needs assessment, providing medical care, and improving access to insurance.

    The resident education component has also been successful. Specifically, participating residents found the mobile van experience effective in providing them with a learning experience in community assessment, care of teens, care in resource poor areas, and population specific issues. In the coming year we will be providing motivational interviewing training to further train residents and faculty in applying our model to homeless youth, and continue mentoring several residents in additional projects related to this model of care.

    Service Project Partners

    • Brookwood Health Center: Brookwood Health Center used the Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award to enhance the clinical and educational services for the most disenfanchised residents of Santa Rosa, including homeless youth. The clinic reported hosting lunchtime patient education programs for their homeless patients to help them focus on health issues that are often not well addressed during clinic appointments. Among the topics addressed at these lunches is how patients deal with the stigma of mental health. Guest speakers who suffer with mental health issues have shared stories about their own experiences to help reduce the stigma for themselves and others.

    2014 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

    About the Service Project

    UCLA family medicine residents Isa Barth-Rogers, MD, MPH, and Yelba Castellon-Lopez, MD, through their project titled, "Pintando un Futuro mas Brillante/Painting a Brighter Future," successfully developed and implemented an immersion health education program for Latina patients with co-morbid type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression.


    In their final report, submitted in July 2015, Drs. Barth-Rogers and Castellon-Lopez summarized the following outcomes:

    • Residents and students collaborated to create a standardized curriculum for diabetes group visits (DVG) containing a six-session series with an educational focus and patient discussion for each visit.
    • Peer to peer mentors were added to the DGV as the project gained momentum. Peer mentors (past participants of the DGV) were trained and incorporated to enhance social support.
    • A partnership was formed with a local non-profit, Valley Care Consortium, that provided technical support during the DGV and provided a separate education component in the form of a cooking class.
    • Although not statistically significant, there was an overall trend toward lower A1c levels in those who received peer support.
    • Patient-reported outcomes showed improvements with peer support including measures of social support, diabetes distress and quality of life.
    • The diabetes/depression group visit was formally incorporated into the existing resident curriculum by including it in the Community Health clinical rotation.

    Dr. Mavrinac, faculty co-mentor, said, "The group visit allowed residents to unite and work toward a common goal." Drs. Lopez and Rogers conclude, "In retrospect, the service project facilitated the formation of a community of residents, patients, providers and other team members who demonstrated they could work together to improve the well-being of patients with a great need."

    Service Project Partners

    • Mid Valley Comprehensive Health Center (MV CHC): Pintando Un Futuro Mas Brillante was offered at Mid Valley Comprehensive Health Center (MV CHC), the largest of four Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LAC DHS) clinics in the Los Angeles County Service Planning Area-2. This public county medical clinic serves a low-income, underinsured, underserved population of immigrants and working poor in the San Fernando Valley. The Family Medicine clinic at MV CHC is operated by the UCLA Department of Family Medicine, representing a partnership between UCLA and the LAC DHS that provides a valuable medical home for individuals in the community, and supports resident training working with underserved patients in a low-resource setting.

    2015 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

    About the Service Project

    The 2015 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award, announced on April 17, 2015, was awarded to Christina Miller, MD, and Stewart Wilkey, DO, residents at the Loma Linda Family and Preventive Medicine Residency (LLFPMR), for their "Lifestyle is Medicine" service project.

    The Lifestyle is Medicine service project includes the development of resident training tools, regular scheduling of residents in the Cornerstone Community Health Free Clinic for the purpose of Lifestyle Visits, and use of devices that monitor objective outcomes so patients can take charge of their health and track their own goals.


    In their final report, submitted in July 2016, Drs. Christina Miller and Stewart Wilkey summarized the following outcomes:

    • Processes from the "Lifestyle is Medicine" service project are ingrained into the flow and culture of the Cornerstone Community Health (CCH) Free Clinic.
    • Provider training, protocols for counseling and durable resources for patients were developed and successfully implemented.
    • Post-life style screening interventions results:
      • 96% of all patients screened (70% increase).
      • 74% Free Clinic patients reporting exercising in last 7 days (19% increase)
      • 44% of patients reported smoking (16% decrease)
      • Patients reported improved confidence that they can change their lives for the better
      • Instilled pre-medical and medical trainees with competencies in preventive medicine
    • Established a team of Family Medicine faculty deeply involved in clinic supervison on-site every week, which will help with long-term sustainability of the project and clinic services.
    • Local food pantry donated $1,000 in grocery store gift cards for patients completing lifestyle goals.
    • Local FQHC donated $500 to help with ongoing medication needs.
    • CCH Free Clinic plans to expand to an additional location one night of the week and will bring lifestyle training to help an entirely new population of patients using a $10,000 grant from the Kaiser Foundation for 2016-17 titled Expanding Prevention.

    Service Project Partners

    Through these partnerships, the unmet lifestyle needs of Cornerstone Community Health Free Clinic patients will be addressed while simultaneously improving resident training.

    • The Cornerstone Community Health Free Clinic, incorporated and administered by Family Medicine residents, opened its doors in January 2014. The clinic was a 2014 Family Medicine Cares USA grant recipient.
    • The Loma Linda Family and Preventive Medicine Residency (LLFPRM) provides at least six months of smoking cessation, weight loss training, and motivational interviewing to their students. The LLFPMR faculty has agreed to schedule residents weekly in the free clinic, and filled the position of Resident Lifestyle Champion, a unique leadership role which will be appointed annually to ensure sustainability of the residency’s commitment to lifestyle medicine.
    • Both the classic Family Medicine Residency Program and the Preventive Medicine Residency Program of Loma Linda have agreed to help facilitate and support this project.

    2016 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

    Beyond Disease-Oriented Care for the Uninsured: Increasing Access to Prevention.

    On April 19, 2016 Caitlin Malloy Lee, DO was one of two recipients who received a 2016 Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award. Dr. Lee, a second-year resident at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix Family Medicine Residency, implemented her preventive care service project at the St. Vincent de Paul Clinic (SVdP Clinic), the largest free clinic in the greater Phoenix area. The aim of this 12-month project was to increase cervical, breast and colorectal cancer screening rates for SVdP’s uninsured patients to rates that were equal to national cancer screening rates for insured patients.