• As part of the Family Medicine Discovers program, two individuals are chosen each year to conduct research in real-world primary care settings.

    Rapid Cycle Scientific Discovery and Innovation

    RapSDI builds research capacity for family medicine by awarding practicing family physicians with the opportunity to:

    • Research patient-inspired and clinical questions that arise from issues in family medicine
    • Build research capacity skills
    • Partner with a mentor on a topic of importance in creating practice improvements

    Two scholars will be selected annually and receive up to $40,000 to create new evidence for “what works” in real-world primary care settings.

    For more information about the program, including application details, please visit the AAFP National Research Network page.

    Application Details

    We encourage all to apply and are committed to the development of Family Medicine research and community resources by family physicians who reflect the rich diversity of the specialty and the patients served.

    The application submission period begins September 29, 2023, and closes January 16, 2024. Visit the AAFP National Research Network for more details and to apply.