• Overview

    The Family Medicine Chapter Alliance (FMCA) is a collaborative program of the AAFP Foundation and the 55 AAFP Constituent Chapters and their Foundations. The FMCA administers grant programs that provide funding to support the philanthropic work of Chapters and Chapter Foundations.

    The FMCA Chapter Engagement Pilot Project highlights Chapter and Chapter Foundation activities while supporting FMCA fundraising efforts. Through this new initiative Chapters and Chapter Foundations use storytelling tools to illustrate the good work of the specialty and the amazing work being achieved by physicians (and staff) on the Chapter level.

    Please Note: AAFP Chapter or Chapter Foundation may apply for both the Chapter Engagement Pilot funds as well as the FMCA Grant Award.


    • Applicant must be a Chapter or Chapter Foundation of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a 501(c)(3) organization or a 501(c)(6) organization.
    • Application must address one of the health care priorities of the FMCA:
      • Student and/or Resident project: Focuses on education, research, and/or humanitarian opportunities for students (high school, undergraduate, or medical students) and/or Family Medicine residents.
      • Member Outreach project: Focuses on education, research, and/or humanitarian opportunities that target AAFP Family Physician members.
      • Public Health project: Focuses on the health of families and communities by promoting healthy lifestyles; conducting research and/or providing education for disease and injury prevention; and/or projects that are humanitarian or service in nature that improve health of individuals or communities.

    Guidelines and Requirements

    The FMCA will provide each AAFP Chapter or Chapter Foundation with $750 to showcase a chapter program/activity that connects with one of the three designated focus areas of the FMCA: Student/Resident, Member Outreach and Public Health.

    The only requirement to receiving the funding is to complete the application and use storytelling elements in highlighting the impact of the project through an electronic channel of the Chapter or Chapter Foundation choosing and link to the AAFP Foundation’s donation site.

    AAFP Chapter or Chapter Foundation need to apply by February 29 to receive funds to support their activities and must complete their promotion and return proof of their activities through storytelling to the AAFP Foundation by January 31 of the next year.


    Your chapter story must include the following text:

    “Financial support for this program is provided by the FMCA which is funded by members like you! Help programs like this continue to support family medicine by giving to the FMCA. Select “Chapter Grants” when making your gift online at https://www.aafpfoundation.org/foundation/get-involved/give/donation-form.html(www.aafpfoundation.org). Thank you!”


    AAFP Chapter or Chapter Foundation will receive $750 in funding from the AAFP Foundation upon submission of application. Funding will only be made to support philanthropic activities.

    Funding will not be made to individuals or endowment funds. Funding will not be made to support political campaigns or the lobbying any public official, or for Chapters or Chapter Foundations to accomplish fundraising. Applications that fail to comply with all eligibility and submission requirements will not be considered for funding.

    Grant Final Report Requirement and Request for Extension

    • The 2023 FMCA Chaper Engagement Final Report Form is due January 31, 2024.
    • Please note you will be asked to provide confirmation in the final report that the acknowledgment text was used in your promotional materials. 
    • A no-cost extension may be requested prior to the final report deadline. Please email all deadline extension requests with your proposed date and reason for the request to Veronica Roberts no later than January 15, 2024.

    How to Apply

    We encourage all Chapter/Chapter Foundations to apply who are committed to supporting philanthropic projects focused on health priority areas and reflect the rich diversity of the specialty and the patients served.

    • Application Period: January 1 – February 29, 2024.
    • Apply through the online portal by clicking on the Apply Today button below. 
    • Final report due: January 31, 2025.


    Please email Veronica Roberts or call 913-906-6239.