• Eligibility

    • Applicant must be a Chapter or Chapter Foundation of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a 501(c)(3) organization or a 501(c)(6) organization.
    • Funding will only be made to support philanthropic activities.
    • Application must address one or more of the health care priorities of the FMPC: member outreach, public health, and resident/student support.
    • FMPC funding request must be at least 70% for program services with a maximum of 30% for staff and administration. (For example, if total FMPC request is $2,000, staffing and administration cannot exceed $2,000*.30=$600.)

    Grants will not be made to individuals or endowment funds. Grants will not be made to support political campaigns or the lobbying any public official, or for Chapters or Chapter foundations to accomplish fundraising. Grant applications that fail to comply with all eligibility and submission requirements will not be considered for funding.

    How to Apply

    Download and complete the 2021 Application(2 page DOCX). As explained on the application form, the length of the application and all attachments is limited to a total of 12 pages.

    You can also view Sample Grants, which provide an example from a funded application in each of the three FMPC Priority Areas: Member Outreach; Public Health: and Student-Resident.

    The completed application materials should be submitted electronically. Applicants not able to submit their application electronically should make alternative arrangements in advance of the deadline.

    FAQ: How many applications can I submit?

    Each state is limited to submitting a total of three (3) grant applications per year, but only one (1) application per project. Applications can be submitted by the Chapter, Chapter Foundation, or a combination of the Chapter and/or Foundation.

    FAQ: Do you accept requests for continued funding for same/similar projects?

    Projects that have received FMPC funding within the past three funding cycles must show, in the application, that the project has been expanded or be enhanced in some way to justify continued FMPC grant consideration. There is no limit on the number of times that a grant project can receive funding from the FMPC.

    Application Review & Sample Score Sheets

    The FMPC Steering Committee serve as FMPC Grant Award reviewers. Reviewers receive a protocol that accompanies the scoring sheets based on the type of project funding the applicant selected. View sample score sheets for new project(1 page PDF)first year project(1 page PDF), and existing project(1 page PDF). Each application is scored by four reviewers, including one physician reviewer, and the final score is the average of the four reviewers’ scores.

    Submission Deadline

    The deadline to apply is February 28 at midnight Central Time. Late applications will not be accepted.

    Award Announcement

    Family Medicine Philanthropic Grant Awards:  Project Summaries and Past Recipients

    2021 Recipients by Priority Area

    The 2021 FMPC Grant Awards, announced in May 2021, awarded $37,750 to 23 Constituent Chapter/Chapter Foundation projects. The titles of these projects are listed below by FMPC Priority Area and include a website link to the Chapter or Chapter Foundation that received the award.

    Member Outreach Projects

    Public Health Projects

    Resident and/or Student Projects



    Please email Rollie Brock or call 913-906-6239 with questions.