• Eligibility

    • Only AAFP Chapters or Chapter Foundations that intend to sponsor a Student Externship and have secured funding for this purpose may apply for a matching grant(s).
    • The medical student externship must offer a research and/or clinical experience that is at least 4 weeks in duration.
    • The externship must provide the medical student a one-on-one learning experience with mentors/preceptors who practice in the field of Family Medicine.
    • When possible, the student should be involved with a Family Medicine Interest Group.

    How to Apply

    Application Period: Nov 1 - first Friday in February

    The Student Externship Matching Grants Application(1 page DOCX) is a simple one-page form used to request, which is accepted annually between November 1 and the first Friday in February.

    Please read and download for your records the Program Guidelines(2 page PDF) before completing application.

    The Chapter or Chapter Foundation responsible for administering the student externship is the entity that must complete and submit the application. Applications will not be accepted from medical schools or students.

    The Chapter's or Chapter Foundation’s dollar-for-dollar match with the AAFP Foundation’s matching grant should be secured before submitting the application.

    Application Confirmation

    A confirmation e-mail will be sent back acknowledging receipt of the application. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours, please call Rollie Brock at (800) 274-2237, ext. 6239, to verify that your application was received.

    Matching Grant Allocations - Advantage to Applying Early

    Each funding cycle the AAFP Foundation awards approximately 24 matching grants.Those who apply earlier have a better chance of receiving more than one matching grant.

    The AAFP Foundation allocates Student Externship Matching Grant Awards sequentially, based upon the date and time that each application is received via email. First, one matching grant will be awarded to all applicants, if possible. Then, if additional fund are available, a second matching grant will be awarded based upon the sequence of submissions and whether more than one matching grant was requested. This process continues until all matching grant funding for the cycle has been awarded.

    Notification of Award

    Recipients will receive a Notice of Award, via email, by the second Friday in February.


    Contact Rollie Brock or call (800) 274-2237, ext. 6239.