• The exhibits featured here show the incredible range of materials and information that is available at the Center. From personal papers to photographs to journals that chronicle the history and development of Family Medicine, these exhibits highlight the importance and diversity of Family Medicine.  These exhibits are currently available as small, portable table-top displays that can be loaned to family medicine organizations, schools, civic organizations, or other archives, libraries, and museums. Please reach out to chfm@aafp.org to request an exhibit. 

    Exhibit Ideas?

    We're always on the lookout for suggestions for new exhibits. If you have any ideas about exhibits that you would like to see developed by the Center, please contact Center staff.

    Current Exhibits

    History of the AAFP: A special exhibit detailing the history of the American Academy of Family Physicians from its establishment in 1947 to the present day.

    Adam G.N. Moore, MD, Collection in the History of Family Medicine: This exhibit features a brief overview of the Center's Adam G.N. Moore, MD Collection in the History of Family Medicine, a unique resource of more than 600 items on the early history of the specialty.

    AFMRD: A History of the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors -- View the exhibit that celebrates the history of this key member of the Family of Family Medicine from its earliest beginnings to 2010.

    ADFM: A History of the Association of Departments of Family Medicine -- A special exhibit detailing the history of the ADFM from its establishment in 1978 to the present day.

    The Distinguished Dozen: Twelve Books That Shaped the Face of Family Medicine -- A unique exhibit produced in 2010 that looks at some of the most important and influential works that helped to shape the specialty.

    Lynn Carmichael, MD: A Tribute: Features a tribute to the remarkable life and achievements of an early pioneer in the specialty and the first President of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM), Lynn P. Carmichael, MD (1928-2009).

    History of FMX (formerly Scientific Assembly): Learn about the history of Family Medicine's premier annual event, from the 1st Assembly held in Cincinnati in March 1949 to the 57th Assembly held in San Francisco in 2005.

    "A Mind That Startled Us": A Tribute to G. Gayle Stephens, MD (1928-2014):  Special tribute to former STFM President and pioneer leader in the history of the specialty, G. Gayle Stephens, MD (1928-2014).

    Physicians With Heart: A Tribute: Produced in 2006, this exhibit explores the history and accomplishments of this important humanitarian project in its work of more than a decade to bring hope to the people of the world.

    Physician, Teacher, Mentor, Friend: A Tribute to W. Jack Stelmach, MD (1926-2012): Special tribute to one of the past key leaders in the specialty who served as President of the AAFP, FHFA (now the AAFP Foundation), and ABFM.