• Overview

    The AAFP Foundation has been supporting family medicine residents and medical students to attend the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. Since 2002, the number of funded scholarships is over 4,000 with awards totaling more than $1.8M. 

    Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we continue to provide a minimum of 250 Family Medicine Leads Scholarships for the AAFP National Conference. Family medicine residents and medical students can have the opportunity to experience and explore family medicine through educational programming and procedural workshops, leadership opportunities, and interaction and networking with family physicians and peers from across the country.

    At the most recent AAFP National Conference, 1,260 medical students attended. And, through the generosity of our donors, the Foundation was able to offer 270 scholarships. (Note: 240 FM Leads Scholarships + 30 Emerging Leader Institute Scholars).

    "THANK YOU for your generous donation to support my attendance at the AAFP National Conference. The ability to interact with so many people who are passionate about family medicine and to explore the various career opportunities has gotten me more enthusiastic about my future. I cannot wait to become a family medicine physician! Many thanks again.”

    - Cecile Dinh, third-year medical student at Tulane University

    The Future of Family Medicine

    There is a tremendous need for Family Medicine Leads Scholarships; and therefore, donor funding is more important than ever. By funding more scholarships for qualified candidates, we can increase the family medicine pathway with the best and the brightest.

    To support a Family Medicine Leads Scholarship, the tax-deductible donation is $600. The scholarship is intended to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses (registration, travel, lodging, and meals). When you provide support for Family Medicine Leads Scholarships, you can feel confident that you are positively impacting the future of family medicine.

    "Thank you so much for providing the funding for me to attend the AAFP National Conference. This has been such a wonderful, eye-opening, inspiring opportunity for me to learn more about the vast diversity of our chosen profession. I’ve connected with amazing people and have finally felt like I have found the specialty for me. I will take everything I’ve learned here and take it with me into my future career. I am beyond grateful to be granted this opportunity."

    Scholarship recipient, Hengyui Guo.

    Support the Program

    Funding for Family Medicine Leads Scholarships for National Conference is provided by the generosity of donors like you.

    Scholarship Application Information

    For FM Leads Scholarship application information, please click on the Get Details button to visit the AAFP’s website.