• Signature Program: Family Medicine Cares

    Helping those in need, at home and around the world has always been our calling and the most vulnerable need our help now more than ever. Family Medicine Cares was created by the AAFP Foundation to address the health care needs of people without care, both domestically and internationally.

    Family Medicine Cares International

    Working to improve the health and quality of life for people in Haiti, this program provides patient care, while also delivering education and training in family medicine.

    Two physicians and a man standing in a hallway

    Family Medicine Cares USA

    Caring for people without health care coverage in the United States is crucial. Designed to help free clinics care for the uninsured, this program helps to establish new free clinics and provides grants to existing clinics for the purchase of medical equipment and instruments. The Family Medicine Cares USA program also gives AAFP members, residents, and students the opportunity to volunteer their time and talent, delivering much needed medical assistance at these clinics throughout the U.S.

    Resident Service Award recipients

    Family Medicine Cares Resident Service Award

    Each year, the AAFP Foundation grants two recipients the Family Medicine Cares Resident Service award. This award allows the opportunity for first- or second-year family medicine residents to address healthcare disparities by tackling the health needs of the underserved in their local communities. 

    Humanitarian Grants & Awards