• Mary Boyce, MD and Volunteer Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita is far more comfortable talking about family practice than discussing charitable contributions – she even reverts to medical terms when the topic comes up.

    “I work with experts to keep me from losing my stomach lining over this stuff,” she laughs. “My financial planner initially suggested contributing through a gift of stock. Now, I connect my tax accountant and my financial planner, they converse, and make it happen.”

    Boyce says the professionals have done a terrific job. Based on their advice, she has given the Foundation a contribution of long-term appreciated stock every year since 2012. In the process, she supports the future of family practice, receives a tax deduction on the full cash value of her gift, and avoids a capital gains tax.

    To make this win-win-win even better, her annual gift also allows Boyce to pay it forward; she considers each donation a quiet tribute to Robert Meyers, MD, her childhood doctor; and Carol Johnson, MD, her program director at the Wesley Family Medicine Residency Program.

    “I did my residency from ’91-’94, and I’m not sure how many female program directors there were then,” Boyce says. “After my residency, Carol became my first boss. I really respected her, and she was the first person I was aware of who donated to the AAFP Foundation.

    “Dr. Bob was the doctor who took care of my mom and my aunt,” Boyce says. “He delivered us. I had stitches in his office. He told my parents what to do when I had concussions. He was a family physician before there were family physicians.”

    Now, as she builds on her own decades of experience as a family physician, Boyce says she equates her approach to charitable giving to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where basic physiological needs – food, water, warmth, and rest – form the “foundation.”

    “The AAFP Foundation is the base of my giving hierarchy,” Boyce says. “It helps where people need it the most. It helps meet basic life needs.”

    Turn Appreciated Stock into an Appreciated Gift!

    Want to learn more about contributing long-term appreciated stock to the AAFP Foundation?  Contact Mike Armstrong, donor relations strategist, at 816-868-7211.