• Family physicians across the country are a force, and the power of our combined dedication has never been more apparent than during the past year. As we continued to navigate the perils presented by this unrelenting pandemic, the AAFP Foundation still saw an increase in giving.

    How is that possible? Because family physicians are equally relentless. We do not back away from a challenge. No matter what is happening in our communities and our clinics, our homes and our offices, family physicians continue to support the Foundation. The difference you make is undeniable. Because of you:

    • The Family Medicine Cares USA program was able to provide more than $1.13 million in much-needed support to 76 free health clinics across the U.S. — targeted to communities with high need and socioeconomic indicators known to contribute to health disparity.

    • The Family Medicine Leads program was able to continue with its mission to provide access to outstanding programs, mentors, and faculty, including providing more than 470 scholarships to medical students and residents to attend National Conference this year.

    • The Foundation was able to quickly revamp the Emerging Leader Institute curriculum into a virtual format – ensuring that 30 outstanding medical students and resident scholars received leadership development and the networking opportunities they deserved. You’ll find a fascinating feature about the ELI scholar now serving as our student trustee here

    This year has also reminded us of the value of our past – and the importance of using historical lessons to address current concerns. Thanks to your support of the Center for the History of Family Medicine, future family physicians will be able to learn from our COVID-19 experiences; details on the CHFM’s COVID-19 oral history project are outlined in this brief story. I encourage you to read it, and listen to the Soundcloud archive. The stories our colleagues share are unforgettable.

    Together in gratitude

    As I considered the best way to properly express my gratitude as Board President for all you have done, a poem took shape. I hope these stanzas communicate my deep appreciation for all you do. You are a force.   

    Your dedication, your heart, and your community of care
    Is so important to our patients and the families we all share.

    Family physicians are the force;
    We are the go-to health care source.

    Our foundation is so fortunate; together in gratitude we renew.
    Your support is invaluable and, again, I say: Thank you.

    In gratitude,