• When it comes to making a positive impact, mark our words: Jason Marker, MD, and his wife Kirsten truly exemplify the spirit of philanthropy. Over the years, their extraordinary support has helped the AAFP Foundation share the healing power of family medicine in communities around the world.

    This year, it’s an honor for us to honor them. During our recent Annual Recognition virtual event, the Markers were saluted as our 2021 Philanthropists of the Year.

    Announcing the ELI Alumni Fund

    In keeping with their legacy of giving, the Foundation announced at the Annual Recognition event the launch of the ELI Alumni Fund from the Markers, an investment in the long-term success of the Family Medicine Leads Emerging Leader Institute (ELI). Among his many Foundation leadership roles, Dr. Marker is the founding chair of the ELI program and the current faculty lead. His interest in helping future leaders builds on his own experience with the Foundation.

    “I often think in terms of how I invest my time and my talent and my treasure,” says Dr. Marker. “The AAFP Foundation was willing to take a risk on me as a leader when I had way more time than the other two things.”

    As founding donors, the Markers are matching the first $1,000 in donations. In addition, another anonymous donor has pledged to match the first $18,000 in gifts received from new donors to the Foundation prior to year-end 2021. That makes now the perfect time to donate, even if the “treasure” you have to offer feels small.

    “Small contributions help build a habit of giving, a habit that can grow over time,” says Dr. Marker.

    “We have been blessed with all the work Jason has done through the Foundation to be able to include our children in some of it,” Kirsten Marker says. “Our girls have been able to watch their father and others, and the contributions that they make not only in the U.S. but globally. Hopefully it sets a foundation for them to model in their future.”

    To join the Markers in the spirit of philanthropy, click here. And remember what Dr. Marker says: “You don’t give until it hurts. You give until it feels good.”