• If you haven’t visited the AAFP Foundation’s Center for the History of Family Medicine (CHFM) Soundcloud account recently, get ready for a treat: Dozens of additional oral histories, recorded over the years, have been uploaded and are available for your listening pleasure, 24/7.

    The Soundcloud site provides free, easy access to everything from COVID-19 tales to historical interviews with family medicine leaders. While the Family Medicine Oral History Project continues to grow, there are nearly 100 tracks currently online.

    Crystal Bauer, MLS, CHFM manager, says the latest batch of digitized recordings includes interviews with influential leaders of the AAFP, such as Dr. Robert Graham, a former executive vice president.

    In addition to his tenure at AAFP, Graham held numerous leadership roles in the federal health sector; he was administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration from 1981-1985 and served as an assistant surgeon general. His oral history covers everything from working with U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy to the establishment of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

    “Dr. Graham was a powerful leader in the family medicine community and there’s much we can learn from him and all the others who have contributed their stories to the oral history collection,” says Bauer. “We encourage everyone to visit the Soundcloud account, explore this rich resource, and take full advantage of it.”

    Make history with the CHFM

    Listening is only one option. You can also contribute! Bauer says the CHFM is always interested in hearing from family physicians as it expands the oral history collection. The first step toward sharing your stories for posterity? Contact Bauer today.