• “How can we do more for our patients?”

    That’s the kind of question family physicians ask all the time. It’s also the question Takeda considers, as it explores innovative ideas that fit with the company’s patient-focused, values-based research and development. Over the years, the approach has proven successful – for Takeda, physicians, and patients. The company has become a global pharmaceutical leader, known and respected for biopharmaceutical advances that address mental health and other concerns.

    Knowing that many mental health conversations begin in the family physician’s office, Takeda is passionate about listening to the family physician’s voice. Takeda is one of the most engaged members of the AAFP Foundation Partners Program, with a donation record that goes back 20 years. As an Enthusiast-level member, Takeda’s support for our work goes beyond its generous $50,000 annual contribution. Takeda is thoroughly invested and involved, funding numerous projects with the Foundation and the Academy. Most recently, Takeda has supported a much-needed telehealth project to assist with pandemic healthcare, and a mental health project through the National Research Network. 

    The AAFP Foundation thanks Takeda for its ongoing, generous support, and invites others to learn more about the AAFP Foundation Partner Program.