• Thank you, Dr. Henley!

    Leader. Advocate. Board member. Volunteer. Donor. We could easily come up with 20 terms to describe Doug Henley, MD, FAAFP, and the many ways he has moved family medicine forward over the years. But, rather than listing words, we’re enlisting you!

    Join us now for the 20 Days for 20 Years campaign
    After 20 years as executive vice president and CEO of the AAFP, Doug Henley retires August 1. We can’t give him a proper party in a pandemic – and, knowing Doug, he wouldn’t want one anyway. However, we’re not going to let this event slip under the radar.

    Please join us the 20 Days for 20 Years campaign: Contribute today to the Doug and Mary Henley Fund (www.aafpfoundation.org). The fund, established last year, supports the Family Medicine Leads signature program and provides scholarships for medical students to attend the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.

    It’s a critical cause: Research shows that students who attend the National Conference are more likely to choose family medicine as their specialty of choice. The conference – in person or virtual – offers new insights into family medicine’s potential and enables the students to make important connections.

    “Doug remembers what it’s like to be a young medical student and need some financial support to attend the National Conference,” says Julie Anderson, MD, FAAFP, and president of the AAFP Foundation.

    Anderson says contributions to the fund continue the momentum the Henleys established with their initial and generous donation of $100,000. She’s looking for an overwhelming show of support, including 100 percent participation from the AAFP Board of Directors and the AAFP Foundation Board of Trustees.

    “Doug Henley has shown us, time and again, how important leadership is in family medicine,” Anderson says. “Your contribution during the 20 Days for 20 Years campaign is the perfect way to say thank you and keep his great work going (www.aafpfoundation.org).”