• Let’s Get Immunized,
    New York!

    Let’s Get Immunized New York (LGINY) exemplifies successful health advocacy programs by fostering a culture of immunization in communities across the state. Established in December 2020 by the New York State Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP), LGINY has become a pivotal force in promoting reliable and trustworthy information on immunization.

    LGINY has collaborated with over 45 partner organizations, ranging from healthcare providers, public health groups, and long-term care organizations to educational institutions, civic organizations, and businesses.

    The AAFP Foundation, via the Family Medicine Chapter Alliance (FMCA), extends $80,000 in annual support to chapters through two distinct programs: the FMCA Grant Awards and the Chapter Engagement Grants. These funding avenues bolster chapter initiatives across three key priority domains: student and/or resident projects, member outreach projects, and public health projects.

    Since 2021, LGINY has been a beneficiary, securing $3,000 through the FMCA Grant Awards and an additional $750 via the Chapter Engagement Grant, showcasing the caliber of public health projects endorsed by FMCA.

    “It’s important that the Foundation highlights stories like that of LGINY because one of the goals of the FMCA, beyond providing financial support, is to promote collaboration and the sharing of best practices across AFP Constituent Chapters/Chapter Foundations,” said Veronica Roberts, program specialist for the Foundation.

    These partnerships underscore a collective commitment to the common goal of advocating for policies that address heath disparities, enhance access to immunization and raise awareness about the public health benefits of vaccination.

    “LGINY became a source of information about the COVID-19 vaccine as well as vaccines generally,” said Vito Grasso, executive vice president and CEO of the New York Chapter. “We developed FAQs and vaccine resources in English and Spanish, facilitated webinars and town halls to address questions for specific communities and worked with elected officials to encourage broad uptake of the vaccines. Our leadership role in initiating the LGINY coalition has reinforced our image as a leader in public health and health care generally in New York.”

    Beyond the pandemic response, LGINY has remained a leader in various immunization initiatives, covering CDC-recommended vaccines and emerging health topics such as Influenza, HPV, Mpox, RSV, and more. Through strategic organizational partnerships and a robust presence on social media, LGINY continues to be a reliable source of information and resources.

    LGINY's influence extends beyond information dissemination to advocacy, as its network of partners actively support investment in New York State’s immunization infrastructure. The call for universal reporting of adult immunizations to the State/City Vaccine Registries and endorsement of pro-vaccine policies are emblematic of LGINY’s dedication to fortifying the state's public health landscape.

    FMCA Grant Awards offer up to $7,000 per grant for philanthropic chapter/chapter foundation programs in three priority areas: student and/or resident projects, member outreach projects, and public health projects. Each chapter can submit up to three applications annually, with funded projects receiving between $1,000 and $7,000. Applications are reviewed by the FMCA Steering Committee and approved by the AAFPF Board of Trustees in May.

    Chapter Engagement Grants provide $750 annually to each chapter/foundation to support their promotional efforts through member communications, social media, and paid ads.

    Both grant applications are open annually from January 1 to February 28. Head to the Foundation website for more information.