• Our Vision

    The vision of the AAFP Foundation is to improve the health of all people.

    Our Mission

    The AAFP Foundation advances family medicine through philanthropy, using humanitarian, educational, and scientific programming to improve health.

    Our Foundation

    At the core of it all, our AAFP Foundation focuses on improving the health of all people. And together, we can make a positive impact by supporting the family medicine specialty and its future.


    Our Strategic Plan

    Foundation Strategic Plan Goals 2021-2023

    Developed by the Board of Trustees, the Foundation's strategic plan sets the priorities for our work through 2023. 

    Health Care Access

    Goal: Patients from underserved communities will have greater health care access.

    Awareness and Value

    Goal: The AAFP Foundation and its programs will be recognized and valued by all AAFP members. 

    Explore Family Medicine

    Goal: The Foundation will ensure that all medical students have many different opportunities to explore family medicine as a career choice. 


    Goal: The AAFP Foundation will have a targeted fundraising strategy that is data-driven and supports current and new donor interests.

    The People Behind the Mission

    The AAFP Foundation's Board of Trustees and staff members work hard to ensure that the organization creates and supports programs that advance the values of family medicine and help improve the health of all people.


    The People Behind the Mission