• The Family Medicine Cares International program consists of the following opportunities:

    • A volunteer one-week annual delegation trip to the Dominican Republic
    • A Resident (or early career) scholarship to join the annual delegation trip, all expenses paid. Funding provided by Dr. David and Karen Smith Humanitarian Fund. 
    • For more information, please read the FMCI Delegation Overview.

    Video from the 2022 FMCI Delegation to the Dominican Republic

    2023 Dominican Republic Delegation Trip
    Date: January 14-21, 2023
    Application Deadline: November 15, 2022

    Annual Delegation Trip

    The annual delegation trip is a one-week volunteer opportunity that includes both medical and non-medical individuals. The FMCI delegation members focus on many efforts during their time and may divide into specific teams to accomplish multiple projects.  Some focus on treating patients, others on delivering medical education and training, and others on connecting with the local children and youth.

    2022 Delegation Highlights

    • 230 physicians, residents, students, and faculty participated in medical education events in collaboration with Universidad Central Del Este medical school.
    • 399 patient visits in the Dominican Republic Batey sugar cane community clinics.
    • 120 children of a local school received new school shoes, soccer balls, art and craft supplies, cloth drawstring bags for school supplies.

    Medical Education Team

    The Medical Education component provides resources and support for the development of family medicine through relationships with the medical schools and family medicine residency programs in the Dominican Republic.  In addition to supporting the development of family medicine, this program component provides continuing medical education for family physicians and general practice physicians.

    A Medical Education Team is selected in advance and may prepare (depending on the need of our in-country partners) the following in-country activities:

    • Develops and presents a one-day symposium for family medicine residents, physicians, and medical students. The symposium includes an overview of family medicine and specific medical topics as identified by in-country medical partners (residency programs and medical schools).
    • Develops and participates in discussion roundtable and faculty development sessions with medical students, residents, or faculty.
    • Meets with the medical schools to discuss future symposia, curriculum, and resource needs.

    Patient Care Team

    The Patient Care program component allows licensed physicians and residents (under physician supervision) to attend to or provide follow-up care to patients in the Batey community clinics in the Dominican Republic.

    Service Team

    The Service Team focuses on children and youth and seeks to improve the quality of life and the health of children and youth in the Dominican Republic. It also allows non-medical delegation members to participate in meaningful volunteer activities including:

    • Delivering essential supplies and personal items for children in need.
    • Providing special activities for children near the Batey communities.
    • Assisting the physicians with registration, patient vitals, and pharmacy in the Batey outreach clinics.

    Family Medicine Cares International Resident Scholarship

    Funding is provided by the Dr. David and Karen Smith Humanitarian Fund.

    The AAFP Foundation provides a scholarship for one family medicine resident or early career physician to be part of the Family Medicine Cares International annual delegation trip.

    The scholarship covers the following:

    • Travel to the Dominican Republic, including housing and food.
    • Resident scholar/early career physician will give a presentation on the experience at the AAFP National Conference or other appropriate setting, and expenses will be covered as part of the travel scholarship.
    • Maximum amount travel scholarship is $5,000

    If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please click here to learn more about the requirements/criteria and FMCI delegation overview.

    Volunteer in the Dominican Republic

    The 2023 Delegation to the Dominican Republic is January 14-21. For information about volunteering for a one-week deployment, please review the FMCI Delegation Overview or email Family Medicine Cares International Staff.

    • To register for the 2023 Delegation Trip, please click the Register Today button below.
    • Registration Period: August 15-November 15, 2022


    Make a Donation

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